School of nursing

The School of Nursing of Tongji Medical College of HUST is originated from Advanced Vocational School of Nursing founded in 1936 by Paulun, and was formally established on April 5, 2001, with 52 full-time staff at the time. In June 2008, it first initiated English Nurse Major in China with the vision to foster top notch of nursing discipline featured by all courses taught in English to pursue this endeavor. Now it has developed into a comprehensive school comprising a variety of specialties and majors in nursing education covering undergraduate to master and doctor 3 levels with 344 students (statistics in 2017).



By drawing on the experience and strengths of nursing education at home and abroad, the School of Nursing proactively performed comprehensive reform on curriculum system, teaching content and approaches. After years of exploration and pilot practice, it has optimized 3-level education covering vocational, undergraduate, graduate and 2 types of comprehensive training for young and adult students. The undergraduate education comprises 2 majors, namely 5-year All-English Nursing and 4-year General Nursing.



English Nursing is a key major in HUST and the first one with all courses taught in English nationwide. After entering the school, students will spend their first year learning English, and thereafter laboring on medical courses for the 2nd to 5th year. All the basic medical courses and clinical internship are taught in English, which facilitate students to be equipped with adequate language aptitude and international horizon, as well as a solid professional foundation and clinical operating skills. The graduates are supposed to be competent to work in high education institutions or large comprehensive hospitals.



The continuing education conducts amateur nursing education, junior nurses upgrading education as well as non-academic education. The School of Nursing highly encourages and rewards teaching reform and scientific research; in the past 6 years, its scientific teams have undertaken nearly 20 research projects at the provincial level and school level, and won the second prizes at the provincial level twice.



In recent years, the School of Nursing gave priority to upgrade its disciplines and build up new strengths in nursing education, and sorted out nursing education, community nursing and psychiatric care as its characteristic subjects. Five training centers have been constructed and a number of modern laboratories set up in association with basic nursing, internal medicare, surgical care, obstetrics and obstetrics, pediatric care and first aid etc.. Physical Training Center and Self-learning Center have been equipped with advanced teaching model and facilities. All contributed to forming an integrated, multifunctional, open-end and digital nursing professional training center.



To keep pace with the times, the School of Nursing of TJMC made every effort to pursue internationalization. So far, it has maintained close ties with Kanazawa Medical University in Japan, Johns Hopkins University, Arizona State University and the University of Michigan U.S.A., theUniversity of West Sydney and Sydney University of Science and Technology in Australia, Victoria University and Christchurch Polytechnic University in New Zealand, Hong Kong Polytechnic University etc. Under the framework of intercollegiate agreements, various exchanges and cooperation regarding joint-schooling, scientific research, staff and students mobility as well as talents fostering are performed. Since 2004, numerous teachers and students have exchanged abroad.


As one Chinese proverb goes, “if you want to go fast, walk alone; if you want to go far, walk together”. The School of Nursing of TJMCof HUST welcomes and is seeking for more international partners, to set up more international platforms, to facilitate more practical international projects, and work for win-win outcome by drawing on each other’s strength.


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