Job title: Professor of Epigenomics

Phone: (+86) 158-2757-8535


Academic Areas: Epigenomics and Bioinformatics, Precision Medicine

Research Interests: DNA methylation, Nucleosome, Bioinformatics, Precision Medicine

Our interests lie in genomics and bioinformatics, especially in investigation on the regulation of gene expression from a large amount of genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic data using bioinformatic approach; and identification of the role of gene regulation in developmental disorders and diseases. The long-term goal is to identify the correlation of the genomic and epigenomic information with development and disease (especially cancer) and to translate the findings into prognosis, diagnosis and clinical treatment. 

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Academic Degrees


  • 2009, PhD in Genomics and Bioinformatics, Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  • 2002, BS in Medical Informatics, TJMC, HUST, Wuhan, China


Professional Experience


  • 09/2016 - present
  • Professor, Tongji Medical College (TJMC), HUST 
  • Director, Centre for Genomic & Proteomic Research, School of Basic Science, TJMC, HUST, Wuhan, China
  • 10/2014 - 09/2016 Research Fellow, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20892
  • 10/2009 - 09/2014 Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20892
  • 07/2006 - 07/2009 Research Assistant, Beijing Institute of Genomics, CAS, Beijing, China
  • 07/2002 - 09/2005 Programmer & Database Group Leader, Bioinformatics Department, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), Beijing, China
  • 01/2002 - 06/2002 Research Assistant, Statistics Information Center, Ministry of Health, Beijing, China

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journals (*first authorship, ^Corresponding authorship); 


  1. You L*, Xie R*, Hu H, Gu G, Zheng H, Zhang J, Yang X, He X.^, Cui W^, (2017) High levels of serum β2-microglobulin predict severity of coronary artery disease. 
    BMC Cardiovasc Disord 17(1):71. doi: 10.1186/s12872-017-0502-9 


  2. Han Y, He X., (2016) Integrating Epigenomics into the Understanding of Biomedical Insight. 
    Bioinform Biol Insights. 10:267-289

  3. Syed KS, He X., Tillo D, Wang J, Durell SR, Vinson C., (2016) 5-Methylcytosine (5mC) and 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) Enhance the DNA Binding of CREB1 to the C/EBP Half-Site Tetranucleotide GCAA.
    Biochemistry. 55(49):6940-6948. 

  4. Qian Z, Trostel A, Lewis DE, Lee SJ, He X., Stringer AM, Wade JT, Schneider TD, Durfee T, Adhya S.(2016) Genome-Wide Transcriptional Regulation and Chromosome Structural Arrangement by GalR in E. coli. 
    Front Mol Biosci. 3:74. 

  5. Khund-Sayeed S, He X., Holzberg T, Wang J, Rajagopal D, Upadhyay S, Durell SR, Mukherjee S, Weirauch MT, Rose R, Vinson C. (2016) 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in E-box motifs ACAT|GTG and ACAC|GTG increases DNA-binding of the B-HLH transcription factor TCF4.
    Integr Biol (Camb). 8(9):936-45. doi: 10.1039/c6ib00079g. 


  6. He X., Tillo D., Vierstra J., Syed K.S., Deng C., Ray G., Stamatoyannopoulos J., Fitzgerald P., Vinson C.^, (2015) Methylated cytosines mutate to transcription factor binding sites that drive tetrapod evolution. 
    Genome Biology and Evolution 7(11):3155-69 

  7. Qian Z, Macvanin M, Dimitriadis EK, He X., Zhurkin V, Adhya S^, (2015) A new noncoding RNA arranges bacterial chromosome organization. 
    mBio 6(4):e00998-15 

  8. He X., Syed KS, Tillo D., Mann I., Weirauch M.T.^, Vinson C.^, (2015) GABPα Binding to Overlapping ETS and CRE DNA Motifs Is Enhanced by CREB1: Custom DNA Microarrays. 
    G3 (Bethesda), 5:1909-1918 


  9. He X.*, Chatterjee R.*, Tillo D., Smith A., FitzGerald P., Vinson C.^, (2014) Nucleosomes are enriched at the boundaries of hypomethylated regions (HMRs) in mouse dermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes. 
    Epigenetics & Chromatin 7:34 

  10. Chatterjee R.*, He X.*, Huang D., Smith A., FitzGerald P., Vinson C.^, (2014) High resolution genome-wide DNA methylation maps of mouse primary female dermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes. 
    Epigenetics & Chromatin 7:35 


  11. Deng C.*, He X.*, Hsueh AJ.^, (2013) A single-nucleotide polymorphism of human neuropeptides gene originated from Europe shows decreased bioactivity. 
    PLoS One 8:12 e83009

  12. He X.*, Chatterjee R., John S., Bravo H., Sathyanarayana B., Biddie S.C., FitzGerald P.C., Stamatoyannopoulos J.A., Hager G.L., and Vinson C.A.^, (2013) Contribution of nucleosome binding preferences and co-occurring DNA sequences to transcription factor binding 
    BMC Genomics 14:428

  13. Mann I.*, Chatterjee R.*, Zhao J.*, He X.*, Weirauch M., Hughes T.^, Vinson C.^, (2013) CG methylated microarrays identify novel methylated sequence bound by the CEBPB|ATF4 heterodimer that are active in vivo, 
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  14. Caravaca JM, Donahue G, Becker JS, He X., Vinson C, Zaret KS.^, (2013):Bookmarking by specific and nonspecific binding of FoxA1 pioneer factor to mitotic chromosomes, 
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  15. Chatterjee R., Zhao J., He X., Shlyakhtenko A., Mann I., Waterfall J., Meltzer P., Sathyanarayana B.K., FitzGerald P.C., Vinson C., Overlapping ETS and CRE Motifs ((G/C)CGGAAGTGACGTCA) preferentially bound by GABPα and CREB proteins 
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    2010 and Before 

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Book Chapter

  1. He X., Wang J., (2007) BGI-RIS V2: Rice Information System at the Beijing Genomics Institute. – Chapter 13 in: Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 406: 
    Plant Bioinformatics: methods and protocols (Edwards, David ed.) Humana Press Inc., Totawa, NJ. Pp275-300



1000 Talents Program for Young Scholars, 2017

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