Job title: Professors of Institute of Environmental Medicine

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Academic Areas: Environmental microbiology, health inspection, drinking water sanitation, water pollution detection, evaluation and control

Research Interests:

Academic Degrees

1978.10-1983.08  Department of Health, Tongji Medical University, Bachelor of Environmental Medicine

1985.09-2004.11  Tongji Medical University School of Public Health received a master's degree, doctorate

1997.02-1997.08  Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Visiting Scholar

2006.01-2006.04  Visiting Scholar, Institute of Health, Heidelberg University, Germany

Professional Experience

1983.08-2002.06  Tongji Medical University assistant, lecturer, associate professor

2002.07 -              Professor of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

1.Sanhua Xiao, Ranran Liu, Youxiu Wei, Lin Feng, Xuemin Lv, Fei Tang. Air pollution and blood lipid markers levels: Estimating short and long-term effects on elderly hypertension inpatients complicated withor without type 2 diabetes. Environmental Pollution,2016;215: 135-140

2.Sanhua Xiao,Xuemin Lv,Yi Lu,Xiaoming Yang,Xiaorong Dong,Kunpeng Ma,Yifan Zeng,Tao Jin,& Fei Tang. Occurrence and change of estrogenic activity in the process of drinking water treatment and distribution. Environ Sci Pollut Res,2016;23(17):16977-16986

3.Study on the killing effect of compound glutaraldehyde and o-phthalaldehyde disinfectant on bacterial spores. Chinese Journal of Disinfection, 2016; 33 (4); ): 301-304(in Chinese)

4.Effects of "Zhijiang Jitai" on estrogenic activity of water sources in Taihu Lake. Environmental Journal of Environmental Hygiene, 2016; 6 (1): 6-10 (in Chinese with English abstract)

5.Xuemin Lv, Sanhua Xiao, Gang Zhang, Pu Jiang & Fei Tang. Occurrence and removal of phenolic endocrine disrupting chemicals in the water treatment processes. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS  6:22860 | DOI: 10.1038/srep22860

6.Comprehensive analysis of disinfection quality of private and primary medical institutions in a city. Chinese Journal of Disinfection, 2015; 32 (11): 1088-1093 (in Chinese with English abstract)

7.LU Yi,LYU Xue Min,XIAO San Hua,YANG Xiao Ming,WANG Ya Zhou,and TANG Fei. Mutagenic and Estrogenic Effects of Organic Compounds in Water Treated by Different Processes: A Pilot Study. Biomed Environ Sci, 2015; 28(8): 571-581

8.Xuemin Lv, Yi Lu, Xiaoming Yang, Xiaorong Dong, Kunpeng Ma, Sanhua Xiao, Yazhou Wang & Fei Tang. Mutagenicity of drinking water sampled from the Yangtze River and Hanshui River (Wuhan section) and correlations with water quality parameters. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS | 5 : 9572 | DOI: 10.1038/srep09572

9.Quality Analysis of Rural Drinking Water Quality Monitoring in Hubei Province. Environmental and Health Journal, 2014; 31 (1): 71-72 (in Chinese with English abstract)

11.Comparison of estrogenic activities of organic matter in Yangtze River, Taihu Lake water source and plant water in Jiangsu Province. Environmental Science, 2013; 34 (4): 1351- 1356(in Chinese)

12.Xu ZHANG,Luo-jia YUN,Liang-bin PENG,Yi LU,Kun-peng MA,Fei TANG. Optimization of Douchi Fibrinolytic Enzyme Production by Statistical Experimental Methods.J Huazhong Univ Sci Technol[Med Sci],2013;33(1):153-158

13.Zeng Yi-fan, Liu Xi, Jin Tao, Ma Kun Peng, Tang Fei killing effect of titanium dioxide UV photocatalytic reactor E. coli in water Chinese Journal of Disinfection, 2012; 29 (2): 90-92(in Chinese)

Awards and Honors

1. Drinking non-volatile organic pollutants mutagenicity of the prevention and control measures (Hubei Provincial People's Government Science and Technology Progress Award, 1999., State Environmental Protection Administration of science and technology progress third prize <ministerial>, 1999.)

2. Water pollution on the population health hazards of early warning research (Hubei Provincial People's Government Science and Technology Progress Award, 2002., Chinese Preventive Medicine Science and Technology Award Second Prize, 2007, Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award, 2008 .)

3. Awarded by the National Science and Technology Research Group of the National SARS Prevention and Control Program, and was awarded the title of advanced individual, (2003)

Courses Taught

Environmental microbiology, health microbiology, bacteriological examination


1. Effect of large-scale continuous use of disinfectant and its impact on health and the environment (Ministry of Science and Technology SARS special research project, No.: 2003A07)

2. Biological monitoring of biological water pollution and biomarker research (national key scientific and technological research program topic, No.: 96-911-07-02-02)

3. Screening of gene targets for carcinogens and DNA-forming adducts (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 30170793)

4. Investigation and evaluation of the biological toxicity and chemical composition of organic matter in drinking water in Wuhan (Wuhan Construction Science Project, No .: 200734)

5. Drinking water safety testing, monitoring, risk assessment and early warning forecast key technology research (2013 national health public welfare industry research special, number: 201302004)

6. Jiangsu Taihu Lake water drinking water safety and security technology integration and comprehensive demonstration (National Science and Technology major project, No.: 2012ZX07403-001)

7. Endoscopic disinfectant and a 2.5% compound glutaraldehyde disinfectant disinfection effect study (Hubei micro-control Biotechnology Co., Ltd.)

8. Food service food microbiological prevention and control research (China CDC environment and health-related products safety)

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