Job title: Associate Professor of Reproductive Medicine

Phone: +86-027-83692651


Academic Areas: Reproductive Medicine

Research Interests: spermatogenesis、oogenesis and infertility

 Donghui Huang was born in 1973. She received her B.S. in 1996 and Ph.D in 2007 from Tongji Medical University. She had been worked in Huesh Lab in Stanford University as a visiting scholar from 2012 to 2013. Her research field is about spermatogenesis、oogenesis and infertility.

Academic Degrees


Selected Publications

Xia H, Huang DH*,et al. Asian J Androl, 2016, 18(1):80–84

Huang D#, et al. Andrologia,2016, 48(7):817-23.

Huang D, et al. J Reprod Med. 2015,60(9-10):397-403.

Huang DH, et al, Asian J Androl, 2011, 13(2): 275-80.

Huang DH, et al. Journal of Reproduction & Contraception. 2010; 21(2):67-77.

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