A Meeting Encouraging Medical Undergraduates to join International Exchanges

On the afternoon of October 20, the Medical Office of International Exchange Centerof HUST and the First Clinical Institute of TMC jointly held a meeting to encourage medical undergraduates to actively participatein the overseas exchanges.Professor Liu Yaling, the Party Secretary of the Students’ Party Branch of the First Clinical Institute, chaired the meeting which nearly 200 teachers and students attended.

Ms. Hu Ruimin, deputy director of the International Exchange Center, introduced the function of the Centerand the purpose of the meeting.Director Hu pointed out thatHUSTiscommitted toconstruct theFirst Double-classUniversity and implementing the 13th5-year Plan at present, promoting more undergraduates to join the international exchanges is the key to improving the international influence of HUST.

Teacher Gary Chen from the International Exchange Center gave a half-hour presentation to the students. As the former second secretary of the Mission of China to the European Union and medical English teacher of 8-year students, Mr. Chen showed highly-skilled international exchange expertise and strong affinity. He briefly stated the policies concerning the international exchanges at different levels and the objectives and measures of HUST and TMC in this regard. Teacher CHEN illustrated that Tongji Medical College is making full efforts to construct world-renowned medical school by means of first-class disciplines and talents so much so that it has maintained long-term cooperative relationship with more than 40 universities, institutes and medical schools globally and signed 32 intercollegiate agreements to facilitate students exchanges, including joint-school programs,short-term clinical internship,Summer and Winter Camps etc.In addition, the Teaching Affairs Department, the School of International Education and the International Exchanges Center all have formulated a series of policies and budgets to assist students mobility.Through above policies and measures,225 medical undergraduates have already participated in overseas exchanges,showing a good developing tendency.Finally,Teacher Chen call on all students to be mentally and physically prepared for going abroad and behave themselves well once abroad.It’s an obligation for our students to act as qualified ambassador of TMC and show the good image of contemporary Chinese youth.

In Q & A session,audiences’questions began to pour in, mainly regarding the participants qualifications,mutual credits recognition, language aptitude and so on.Director Huand Teacher Chen answered them patiently and heated interaction continued.

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