The Fourth Round of the Discipline Evaluation Results Revealed

OnDecember 28, the Ministry ofEducation andGraduateEducationDevelopmentCenterrevealed the resultsof the 4th round of thedisciplineevaluation. HUST has44disciplinesparticipated in the evaluation, with14disciplines entered categoryA,among whichMechanicalEngineering,OpticalEngineering,BiomedicalEngineering,PublicHealth andPreventiveMedicine intoA+; and 28disciplines enter category B,among which19classifiedB+.

The fourth round ofdisciplineevaluation was officially launched on April 22, 2016, which lasted more than a year.There are 7449disciplinesfrom513higher education entities.Unlike the first three rounds,thisroundadopted the a new approach called“classification of the quality category”, noscoresor rankingplacesannounced like before and noemphasis ontheslightfraction difference between the unit and their rankingplaces.According tothis new approach, the first 70%disciplines are classified as ABC, among which the first 10% isA (amongwhich the firsttop2% isA+), and the first 40% is B(among whichthe first 10 to 20% is B+.

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