Teachers and Students from Kanazawa Medical University Conduct Nursing Exchange in Tongji Medical College

From March18thtoMarch 23rd, 2018, five teachers and students from Kanazawa Medical University in Japan made a five-day nursing study tour at our School of Nursing.

During the 5 days, teachers and students of Kanazawa Medical University experienced experimental teaching in the laboratory of nursing school, visited the Senior Apartment of Jianghan District, Tongji Hospital, Union Hospital, and School Hospital of HUST.In Senior Apartment of Jianghan District, they experienced the lives of elderly people who can take care of themselves, the special care for the disabled elderly, and visited their entertainment room for reading and other activities.

In Affiliated Tongji Hospital, teachers and students visited the departments of neurosurgery,respiratory medicine and hemodialysis, including operating room, anesthesia preparation room, intraoperative conversation room. They learned about various methods of humanistic care, preparation of equipment and suppliesofoperating room,transfer of patients,routine nursing in ICU and daily dialysis care. They also paid a visit to the history museum of Tongji Hospital.At the Union Hospital, teachers and students went to the departments of cardiology, endocrinology and operating rooms to learn the characteristics of medical nursing, the use of pacemakers, daily care for diabetics, and robotic surgery for gallbladder suturing. Then they were informed of the hospital’s medical staffing, medical and surgical wards, emergency room settings at the university hospital, gained a basic understanding of the community health system in China.

The teachers and students also visited the History Museum of HUST on the main campus. The evening party further deepened the friendship between the two universities.

Japanese teachers and students showed great interests in the medical equipment and nursing procedures, actively interacted with the instructors, compared diagnostic and treatment technologies with Japan, and highly appraised Chinese medical education, medical scale and facilities, and brilliant achievements.They acquired in-depth knowledge of Chinese clinical care, community care, medical system and culture. The teachers and students of the two universities have learned a lot from the exchanges the comparative strength between the medical status of China and Japan.

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