International Assessment for Disciplines of the School of Basic Medicine

April 13thto 14th2018,the international assessment forthedisciplinesof the School of BasicMedicinewas conducted in Tongji Medical College. Prof. SONGWeihong, Academician of Canadian Academy of Health Science from University of British Columbia, Prof. HANMi from Colorado State University, Prof. Jon Frampton, vice-ractor from Birmingham Universityand other4well-known scholars in related fields were invited toformthe assessmentpanel chaired byProf. SONGWeihong.

In the morning of 13thApril, the on-site assessment conference, sponsored byProf. SHIAnbing,theVice-Dean ofthe School ofBasic Medical, was held in Academic Reporting Hall of Tongji Medical College.About 200hundred experts, administrativeheads andrepresentative staffand studentsfrom variousdepartmentsattended theconference.

Prof.Chen Jianguo,Vice-Present of HUSTand Dean of Tongji Medical Collegedelivered a keynote speech on behalf ofHUST.Hepointedoutthat basic medicine disciplines havearemarkabledevelopment prospect in talentcultivationand scientific research and have been selected as the national“Double World-Classes”(world-classes universities and world-classesdisciplines) in 2017.Mr.HEGang,deputy-director ofInternationalExchangeCenter andProf.LUYouming,Dean of theSchool of BasicMedical,made a presentationonTongji Medical College and therelateddisciplines successively. Theassessments expertsthenexchanged their views on talent training, teachingset-upanddisciplineconstruction.Inthe afternoon. Later,theexpertsviewedand emulatedthe undergraduate classroom teaching, PBL teaching and other teachingmodels. Subsequently, they held thetalks anddiscussion withstaffand student representatives on thenext morning.

Aftertwo-day inspection,theexperts allhighly evaluatedthe teachingsetup, research achievements, hardware and softwareof the basic medicine disciplines. They alsoproposedconstructiveadviceon scientific research platforms management, experimental team development and otherrespects. This international assessment playedasignificant role indirectingthe future developmentof thedisciplinesof TMC,with an aim to keep it in line withworld-classmedical schools and enhancingitsacademicstrengths.

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