Delegation from Kanazawa Medical University in Japan Visited TMC

On September 17, 2018, a delegation led by Prof. Yoshimichi UEDA, Director of the International Exchange Center of Kanazawa Medical University(KMU), visited the Tongji Medical College. Prof. CHEN Jianguo, Vice President of HUST and Dean of TMC, and Prof. AN Rui,Vice-Dean in charge of internationalization met with the delegation and extended their warm welcome.

The purpose for KMU delegation is to renew the intercollegiate agreement and explore the possibilities for clinical students from KMU to do traineeship in affiliated hospitals of TMC. Prof. CHEN Jianguo expressed warmest welcome to the delegation and spoke highly of the comprehensive strategic partnership between two schools. The long-standing friendship and selfless help we have received from KMU for many years were mentioned in particular. More than that, the friendship between KMU and TMC set an example for Sino-Japan people-to-people exchanges. Prof. Ueda extended his thanks for Prof. Chen’s hospitality. He introduced that since the first agreement signed in 1985,good collaboration has been conducted smoothly. As time goes and situation differed tremendously, it would be better if the agreement be renewed for mutual benefits, so that all exchange programs can be concluded under one framework. Ms. HU Ruimin,head of International Exchange Office, suggested that as the once in two years “Bilateral Academic Conference” will be held in Kanazawa next year,the high-end delegation, exchange students from School of Nursing and experts from TMC could visit KMU at the same time in 2019, besides, the doctoral students in KMU from our affiliated hospitals could participate in the conference to form scale effects and expand the influence, for which the KMU delegation could not agree more.

In the afternoon, the delegation of Kanazawa visited the Affiliated Tongji Hospital and the Union Hospital, and was warmly received by the leaders of the two hospitals. Prof.WU Hua, Vice Dean of Tongji Hospital, met with the delegation. The delegation then visited the Outpatient and Orthopedic Wards.

At Union Hospital, Prof.JI Xiangnian, Deputy Dean of the First Clinical School, and Prof.SHU Xiaogang, Director of the Teaching Office, met with the delegation. Prof.Ji delivered a welcome speech and Prof.Shu brieflyintroduced Union Hospital. The two sides discussed th epossibility o fexchanging clinical students. The delegation then visited the Union Hospital Outpatient Wards, Plastic Surgery Department, Stomatology Department, Obstetrics and Gynecology Laboratories.

The delegation was deeply impressed by the magnitude,infrastructure,treatment and scientific research capacity of the two affiliated hospitals. Prof. Norio KAWAHARA, Dean of School of Medicineand expert in Orthopaedicsurgery, believes that students of this school will surely learn a lot that cannot be learned in Japan ifthey come here for internship. They will not only understand the operating mechanism and norms of Chinese hospitals, but also improve their clinical quality, and become the bond and friendship ambassador between the two universities.

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