Our Clinical Medicine Entered Top 1‰ of ESI for the First Time

On September 11, Essential Science Indicators released the latest data (covering time: January 1, 2009 -- June 30, 2019), showing that our Clinical Medicine ranked in the top 1‰ for the first time. So far, 4 disciplines of HUST have ranked in the top 1‰ of ESI in the world, ranking the 6th among universities in mainland China.

Statistics show that HUST ranks 16th in the world in Engineering, 7 places higher than the same period last year (September 2018). Computer Science ranks 19th in the world,4 places ahead of the same period last year. Materials Science ranked 42nd in the world, 11 places ahead of the same period last year. Clinical Medicine ranks 430th in the world, 14 places ahead of the same period last year.

In this period, there are 6,081 institutions in the top 1% of ESI in the world, and HUST ranks 235, 52 places upward from the same period last year, ranking 10th in mainland universities.Overall, the number of papers, frequency of citation, number of papers with high citation and other indicators of the 15 disciplines listed in the top 1% all show a steady upward trend.

A total of 762 papers of our university have been selected as ESI high-level papers, ranking 10th in mainland universities, among which are 757 papers with high citation frequency and 33 papers with hot spots.

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