A Delegation from Philipps-Universität Marburg Visited HUST

On November 4 - 5, a delegtation headed by Prof. Michael Bolker, the Vice President of Marburg University of Germany, visited HUST, and signed "Intercollegiate Cooperation Agreement Appendix No. 1". Two academic lectures were held during their visit.

On November 5, the Agreement-Signing Ceremony was held in Wutongyu Academic Exchange Center. Vice President Prof. CHEN Jianguo attended the event and delivered a speech. Prof. LIAO Xiaofei, Director of International Exchange Center, chaired the signing ceremony.

Prof. CHEN Jianguo first reviewed the history of exchanges and cooperation between the two universities for past 2 decades, and expressed that this agreement signature could further strengthen the good momentum of bilateral collaboration in the fields of clinical medicine, pharmacy, immunology and oncology etc. He looked forward to leverage the cooperation to a new breadth and height on the basis of existing cooperation.

Prof. Michael Bolker, Vice President of Marburg University, and Prof. Harald Renz, President of Marburg University Hospital respectively introduced Marburg University and University Hospital. They agreed the fruitful exchanges and cooperation between the two universities and looked forward to exploring more areas as new growth points.

During the visit, Prof. Michael Bolker, and Prof. Diethard Gemsa, gave two special academic lectures to the sta and students at Tongji Medical College.The two lectures were packed with audiences. Professor MIAO Xiaoping, Deputy Dean of the School of Public Health, and Professor YANG Xiangping, Director of the Department of Immunology of the school of Basic Medicine, chaired the academic lectures.

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