On the morning of May 20, the International Symposium on Health China-Medical Education Development and the Achievement Report Meeting for the 110th Anniversary of TMC, was held in the Sports Stadium of Tongji Medical College. Leaders at all levels, experts and scholars at home and abroad, representatives from domestic and international partner colleges, alumni, teachers and students, altogether around 1400 people attended the meeting. They were celebrating the 110th anniversary of the TMC by retrospecting the history, reporting TMC’s achievement and development, looking forward to the future. Vice-chairman of the School Board of TMC, Ms. DENG Jingping chaired the meeting.

Over 110 years, TMC has experienced a long and tortuous road. The Achievement Report Meeting is a historic event that inherits past traditions and breaks new grounds for the future. This event will greatly inspire and motivate our teachers and students to keep up spirits, make continuous efforts and strive for excellence. Over 110 years, TMC have passed on the spirit of the College from generation to generation and have a greater vision for the future.

Academician Prof. Ding Lieyun, President of HUST, delivered a keynote speech first. He pointed out that since the establishment, TMC takes the cultivation of talents as its mission, maintaining high quality of medical education with the focus on morality. Included in Physician Education and Training Program of Excellence, TMC teaching approach gains success by its features of “wide range, solid base, extensive practice, and innovation-orientation”. TMC nurtures generations of elites who dedicated lives to human health and medicine development, stamping their names on the page of history. Looking back the past 110 years, president DING Lieyun truly appreciate every Tongji fellow and feel proud for his/her accomplishments. On behalf of the University, President Ding hereby extend his heartfelt gratitude and highest respect to generations of faculty and students, friends home and abroad, and all the leaders and colleagues of fraternal institutions.

President DING stated: “Not only for celebration and memorization gathering here, we also need insight, thinking of the next decade, and even the next 110 years. In terms of seizing the historic opportunity and establishing top medical college.”he hoped all Tongji fellow continue to show concern and support the College, and seize the opportunity for the construction of higher education, life science and Healthy China, regarding people’s health as the first priority of strategy, achieve the common prosperity of medical education and medical health, and make greater contribution to the construction of Healthy China!

Professor Chen Jianguo, Vice President of HUST and Dean of TMC, made an achievement report of Tongji Medical College. He first expressed that TMC is always in the same boat with the national revival and prosperity, modern medical education, medical technological innovation of China,people’s health and safety and with global medicine community.

Dean Prof. CHEN stated that TMC has also established cooperative relationship with over 40 universities and medical colleges from more than 20 countries and regions, namely Harvard University, Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, Brown University, Mount Sinai International, Kyoto University, Kanazawa Medical University, University of Birmingham, University of Toronto, University of Bordeaux, Moscow Medical Academy, Medical University of Vienna etc. Also, TMC has signed over 30 interscholastic protocols for long-term collaborations.

Dean Prof. CHEN Jianguo also pointed out that since the amalgamation, with the strengths of comprehensiveness and trans-disciplinary advantages of HUST, included by the national 985 Plan, TMC obtains considerable opportunities for development. Especially in the current establishment of Double First-rate Project, the College has been in the list for key development of HUST. It is commonly agreed that a first-rate university requires a first-rate medical college, and a series of planning and actions have started. Closely following the strategy of the university, a plan of “3+1”pattern is executed, with the emphasis on “top culture, top talents, top disciplines”, and therefore establish a “top medical college”.

Dean Prof. CHEN Jianguo believed that “Tongji is the portrayal of Chinese modern history, an illustration of modern medicine development in China, and also a successful example of contributions to Chinese nation which the integration of Chinese and Western civilization has made. The commemoration meeting today is a review and a summary of the achievement of Tongji Medical College of 110 years, and also a rallying cry for the establishment of a first-rate medical college.”

Prof. CHEN Jianguo promised on behalf of Tongji that we will practice the mission of the university, and take the responsibility of “Cultivating talents, Curing people” with broader horizon, more open-minded attitude, more steadfast efforts, and more enthusiastic passion.

Professor Chen Xiang, Vice President of Central South University, made a speech on behalf of sister universities. He paid tribute and congratulations to the development of TMC. He reviewed the development of medical education in our country and the brotherhood of two schools, hoping to continue to work together to make more contributions to medical education and health care of China.

Prof. Dr.med.Christian Ohrloff, Chairman of Chinese-German Society of Medicine, delivered a speech on behalf of German friends. He appreciated that in more than 30 years of friendship between the Chinese German and German Chinese Society of Medicine the domain of cooperation and exchange continued growing. The issues got richer, the activities more diverse and the performances and successes bore more fruit. This expansion has enabled the Chinese-German societies to be a representative symbol of friendly exchange between the Chinese and the German peoples.

Prof. Dr. Dieter W. Heermann, Vice President of University of Heidelberg, delivered a speech on behalf of foreign partner schools. He expressed it is such a great honor and pleasure to congratulate 110th anniversary of TMC on behalf of Heidelberg University, to this wonderful achievement. Heidelberg University is very proud to be associated with TMC. For many years Tongji Medical College and Heidelberg University have been working together closely, to the benefit of both. Today’s event will reinforce the relationship of TMC and Heidelberg. He believed that the future of our partnership is very bright.

Prof. Dr. Jan Buer, Dean of Medical College, University of Duisburg-Essen(UDE), Germany, delivered a speech on behalf of foreign partner schools. He expressed that UDE is glad to participate in this special event, especially the Medical Faculty and the joint international research center Transregio TRR 60. This anniversary is an excellent opportunity to thank you for this exceedingly fruitful cooperation, for the excellent scientific work, and the enriching cultural exchange. He wish TMC all the best for the future and continue to be the “the window to Germany”! Reminisce today on having taken an unusual but brilliant path to where you stand now and may these memories strengthen TMC for all our future endeavors and international cooperation based on mutual respect!

Professor Ma Ding, a famous doctor in affiliated Tongji Hospital, delivered a speech as the representative of teachers and staff.He reviewed the experience of being admitted to TMC and responded to the call to return to his alma mater, and determined to redouble his efforts to make a greater contribution to TMC.

Academician Prof. Yang Baofeng,  President of Harbin Medical University, made a speech on behalf of Tongji alumni. He told his school story and his mentor's enthusiasm in teaching him. Taking this opportunity, he expressed his sincere gratitude and blessings to TMC of HUST, who cultivated him and realized his life ideals.

Prof. Wang Zhengyan,the National Moral Model and Associate Chief Physician of the Internal Medicine Department of Hankou Hospital of Wuhan, delivered a speech on behalf of schoolmates. Ms. Wang stated that Tongji and Union Hospital are top-level hospitals in central-south China at the primary level with excellent reputation among the people. She believed that every Tongji alumni should be models in taking care and helping patients. She wishes TMC is booming and talented.

Mr. Li Xiao, a doctoral student of TMC, made a speech on behalf of students. He told about his story of collecting donation for patients by combining his own internship experience and thanks for the professional training and medical ethics education by TMC, and he hoped to advance in the same boat with alma mater.

Last, Prof. LU Gang, the Chairman of the School Board of HUST, made a conclusive speech. He stated the 110 years’ history of TMC showed its ups and downs amid the changeable international environment for 3 centuries. Prof. LU Gang stated Tongji’s glory closely connected with the destiny of Chinese nation for more than 100 years. Tongji shares her weal and woe with the nation and the world through her development. We should learn the advanced international experience according to the rules of education, especially the laws for medical education. Respect the integrity of medical talent training to promote the mechanism reform of medical education system constantly.

Prof. LU Gang pointed out that HUST is meeting the great opportunity to make progress. Tongji Medical College is walking into the best time in her history. We’re going to push forward the construction of world-class university and world-class disciplines in an all-round way, to improve the systematical mechanism of medical talent training, and to cultivate excellent medical elites. He believed Tongji must have a more glorious future! At last, Prof. LU call on all the alumni, staff and students to work jointly and make every efforts to make even greater contribution to the Chinese medical education, to the innovation of the international medical technology, to the health care of the Chinese nation, and to the progress of mankind civilization!

The leaders and guests attending the meeting include: Mr. HE Jiesheng, former vice-minister of the Ministry of health; Ms. TIAN Yuke, vice chairman of Hubei Political Consultative Committee; Mr. ZHOU Yikai, former vice chairman of Hubei Political Consultative Committee; Prof. LIU Yixun and Prof. SUN Handong, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Prof. ZHOU Honghao and Prof. LIN Dongxin, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Harvard University Prof. Hu Bingchang, academician of the American Academy of Medical Sciences; Prof. WANG Guobin, Chen Anmin, LUO Qingming, MA Xiaojie, ZHAN Yiqing, MA Jianhui, LIANG Qian, and the relevant leaders from the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Hubei Provincial Education Department, Hubei Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, Hubei Provincial Political Consultative Committee, and a lot of partner colleges and universities at home and abroad.

The units and individuals who sent a congratulatory letter are: Academician Han Qidethe, vice president of the CPPCC; Mr. Herman Grohe, the Minister of Health, the Cabinet member; Academician WU Mengchao, professor from the Second Military Medical University in Shanghai; the Chinese Medical Board; the German-Chinese Society for Medicine; University of Heidelberg; University of Duisburg-Essen; Kyoto University in Japan; Sun Yat-sen University, the Capital Medical University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Yibin Municipal Government in Sichuan Province, Dr. Oswald Treutler, granddaughter of Dr. Erich Paulun, the founder of TMC.

Certainly, TMC will take the 110th anniversary as an opportunity to accelerate the building the College a world first-class medical college with focus on “First-class Culture, Talents & Disciplines” and by gathering strength, deepening reform and doing solid work, in a way that study and follow the spirits of the 18th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party and series of important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping, carry out the requirements of Ideological and Political Lessons of National Colleges and Universities as well as National Hygiene and Health Conference, sum up university-running experience, and carry forward the spirit of helping each other.



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