General Introduction

Since the establishment, the College takes the cultivation of talents as its mission, maintaining high quality of medical education with the focus on morality. Included in Physician Education and Training Program of Excellence, the Tongji teaching approach gains success by its features of “wide range, solid base, extensive practice, and innovation-orientation”. The College nurtures generations of elites. They dedicated lives to human health and medicine development, stamping their names on the page of history.

The college currently enrolls more than 9,600 students, including 4,000+ undergraduate students, 5,000+ graduate students, and 590 international students .

The college has 3 state-level teaching teams, 4 state-level programs, 3 state-level experimental teaching demonstration centers and 2 state-level clinical teaching training demonstration centers.

TJMC has trained over 90,000 medical professionals, among whom are the well-known alumni as academician WU Mengchao and academician HOU Yunde awarded the Highest National Awards in Science and Technology, and other 15 academicians in China, US and Germany.

Address:  Hangkong Road 13, Wuhan, China
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Tongji Medical College Huazhong University of Science and Technology