Introduction of International Education of TJMC

TJMC follows the opening policy as its guideline, engaged in comprehensive, multi-level international exchanges and cooperation. Currently TJMC has entered into partnerships with more than 40 renowned universities and research institutions of around 30 countries and regions.

TJMC has been accepting international students studying in China since 1960s. For over 50 years it has cultivated more than 3000 international students of various majors from more than 120 countries and districts. Most foreign students have obtained bachelor, master or doctor degree. They become outstanding doctors or famous medical experts in their own country after graduation. Currently, there are 590 international students from around 82 countries studying in TJMC, and most of whom are pursuing degrees.


The International Student Office has been established for the service and administration of international students. Well-educated and professional staff are ready here to assist and help international students adapt the camp life, daily study, visa and activity affairs and get better improved in this previlleged medical college. Besides, there is a special Students International Communication Association to guide freshmen to better understand the school and the life here, host one-one tutor program, intercultural activities and Chinese Corner for international students.

TJMC international students have outstanding performance in HUST as well as in China. MOHAMMAD ISHRAQ ZAFAR (Xia Ke), from India, published 9 SCI papers during his 6 year in TJMC; Deenraj Kush Dhoomun (Na Shi), from Mauritius, stood firm with the people of Wuhan during the lockdown under COVID-19 Pandemic and wrote a petition to join the battle against pandemic; MAHER MOHAMMED GHALEB AL-MURIESH (Ma Hong), from Yemen, passed the Chinese Medical Licensing Examination and got a job at a public hospital in Guangzhou, China.

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