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Chairman of the School Board, Dean Prof. Dr. CHEN Jianguo


United for Excellence

同舟共济 追求卓越


Welcome to the website of Tongji Medical College (TJMC), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).



As one of the cradles of Chinese modern medical education,TJMC is recognized as one of the highest peaks of medicine within China, a community where elites gather in unstoppable passion, an entrusted brand and even a spiritual belief. It ranks 3rd among the universities that have created the most outstanding medical alumni in the Ranking of Soft Science Chinese Universities 2020 and 7th in the Ranking of Comprehensive Strength of China's Best Medical Colleges 2020.



In 1907, German Medical School was founded in Shanghai under the co-sponsorship of China and Germany, with German Doctor Erich Paulun appointed first rector. Here Chinese doctors were trained under German instructors and German medical system, which began the starting point of Tongji’s centennial glory. The name“Tongji”originally derived from the Shanghainese pronunciation of“Deutsch” .



In Chinese language, Tongji means “sailing in the same boat to cross a river”, and adheres to the idea of “standing with the nation, serving for human well-being”. The school was constantly renamed and relocated since its founding. In 1951, it was named “Zhongnan Tongji Medical College”by merging with the medical college of Wuhan University; in 1955, it was named "Wuhan Medical College" and in 1985, the name was changed to “Tongji Medical University”. On May 26th, 2000, having merged with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, it was renamed “Tongji Medical College of HUST”. During this long march, she has unswervingly composed magnificent chapters of fostering medical talents and rescuing people’s lives. In each period of times, the College leads the medicine community with its remarkable achievements.



Situated in the downtown area of Wuhan, the campus covers a 500-acre area with 52% greening rate, known as “the Gardenlike Campus” for its picturesque scenery. TJMC is home to 10000+ student, including 590 international students. In its 19 schools/departments and 11 affiliated hospitals, TJMC has established 15 undergraduate programs. TJMC has 2000+ full-time teachers, including 660+ professors.TJMC has state-level model centers for experimental demonstrations of preclinical medicine, clinical medicine, and preventive medicine.So far, it has trained over 90,000 medical professionals, including 16 academicians of China, the U.S.A., and Germany, among whom the most prominent are Prof. QIU Fazu, the pioneer of Modern Chinese Surgery, and Prof. WU Mengchao and Prof. HOU Yunde, winners of the Highest National Awards in Science and Technology of China.



Benefiting from the comprehensiveness and trans-disciplinary merits of HUST, TJMC obtains considerable opportunities for development. A plan of “3+1” pattern has been executed, which will give rise to a “top medical college” by highlighting “top culture, top talents, top disciplines”. TJMC has endeavored to create an exquisite campus culture. Our fellows inherited the Tongji tradition, and integrated “Unity and Rigor” of TJMC with “Seeking Truth and Making Innovation” of HUST. Therefore, it is now a campus with all schools/departments united, all diversified cultures co-existing, and a campus dedicated to “students, scholars, and academics”.



Tongji Medical College is always “on the same boat” with the global community. TJMC itself is a distinguished achievement of international cooperation. We have built long-term and neighborly cooperative relationship with 40+ universities, institutes and medical schools from over 30 countries and regions.



During the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire TJMC community was utterly devoted to battling the virus. The 11 affiliated hospitals put in nearly 10,000 hospital beds and managed 6,000+ beds in makeshift hospitals. TJMC community harbored nearly half of the critical patients in Wuhan, known as the Upstreaming Legend and the National Backbone against the Pandemic. Meanwhile, TJMC has given all-out support to assist peers domestically and internationally. By September 2020, TJMC has hosted or joined 130+ on-line meetings with institutions and organizations all over the world to share its experience.



In search of medical truth, Tongji Medical College was established and prospered. TJMC will shoulder the responsibility of education and healthcare with perspectives, endeavors, and enthusiasm, and navigate the world into a healthier community with shared future for mankind.



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