Online and Offline Conferences to Share International Students' Learning Experience

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On June 2nd, 2021, the International Students' Learning Experience Exchange Meeting organized by the School of Basic Medicine was successfully held by means of online and offline channels. Outstanding student representatives from China, Gambia, Cape Verde, Egypt, Haiti, Malawi and other countries gathered together to share their experiences and ideas on "how international students can learn more effectively " to exchange views and illuminate the future. Professor WANG Fang, Vice Dean of the School, and Ms. HONG Tao, Director of ISO (International Students Office) attended the meeting, and CHEN Xi, Instructor of International Students of School of Basic Medicine, chaired the meeting.

Chinese student GONG Chao told about his wonderful relationship with international students taught in Chinese and shared his learning experience of various subjects with the international students. Gong Chao has excellent academic performance and has won various scholarship many times.

Wilhem Mauricio DA Silva Teixeira, a student from Cape Verde, shared how he overcame various difficulties in learning, including the language, and stressed that a clear learning goal and an optimistic and positive attitude towards learning are the most effective method.

Elijah Ndhlovu, a student from Malawi, shared his experience of preparing for the exam humorously. He reminded the students to master the rule of the memory forgetting curve, grasp the key points of each course and organize the basic framework when reviewing. Before he graduated as an undergraduate, Elijah Ndhlovu has been published an article entitled Retrospective Analysis of Clinicopathological Characteristics of 19 Ovarian Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumor Cases in The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research.


Hussein Mohamed, an Egyptian student, explained the power of a positive mental attitude through a short story. He inspired people not to drift with the crowd. You can rest when you are tired, but don't give up.

As the monitor of the class of 2019 MBBS, Hasen not only ranks among the best in academic performance, but also actively participates in various extracurricular activities. Not long ago, He participated in the Red Song Competition with his classmates and recreated the theme song "You and Me" of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The International Students' Learning Experience Sharing Meeting was highly praised by the students. Ammischaddai Miles Piard from Haiti, said excitedly: "I heard several excellent students share their experiences, and now I feel they are just like a guiding star. I think more students should attend such a conference, and I hope I can share my experience next time."

Babou Sowe, an international student from Gambia, said with emotion, "I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience which I never had before. Thank you for organizing such an important conference. I hope meetings like this could continue so juniors can learn from the seniors."

While mountains and rivers separate us, we enjoy the same moonlight under the same sky. The outbreak of COVID-19 has posed new challenges to the international students. It has also made the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind more vivid and tangible. The School ofBasic Medicine held the activity, to solve the practical learning difficulties. At the same time, it encourages students to study hard and become outstanding doctors after returning to their own country, to contribute to the construction of human health and health community.

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