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The First HUST Tongji Digital Health Salon Has Been Successfully Held

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13th November 2022the First HUST Tongji Digital Health Salon has been successfully held by the joint efforts of School Medicine and Health Management(HUST) and The Sociological Institute(RAS).

Figure 1. Poster of the First HUST Tongji Digital Health Salon

Figure 2. The First HUST Tongji Digital Health Salon successfully held

Associate Professor Saniya Boyarkina, from the Sociological Institute of the RAS, has gave the talk, titled Theoretical Approaches to Studying Factors of Status Inequalities in Health Formation and Reproduction. Prof. Wei Zhang (HUST), the Associate Professor in Medical Informatics, School of Medicine and Health Management has moderated the lecture, and the panelist included Prof. Jingdong Ma (HUST), the Assistant Dean and Director of Digital Health Program, Prof. Zhiyong Liu (HUST), the Professor in Medical Informatics, and Prof. Lining Shen(HUST), the Department Head of Medical Informatics.

Figure 3. Professor Jingdong Ma delivered a welcome speech 

Figure 4. Associate Professor Saniya Boyarkina gave a talk on the theories of health inequality

During the talk, Dr. Saniya first presented different theoretical perspectives in explaining health inequalities, followed by an in-depth review of theories concerning the health inequalities formation and reproduction since later 19 century.  Finally, she summarized the measurement for health inequalities in micro-meso-micro lens. In the discussion, the participants has further exchange ideas on theories classification, measurement methods, and the role information technology in health inequalities with Dr. Saniya.

Figure 4. The Q & A section

Dr. Wei Zhang has summarized that it is of critical significance to look back the theories in health inequalities, and be aware of the new health inequalities caused by emerging technologies. This salon has enlightened the participants with the theories and methods of existing research on health inequality in a global sense, and well demonstrated our international influences in digital health. 

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