Prof. WU Tangchun’s Team

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---- Environment-Related Diseases

A. Introduction of the Team

Team Leader: Prof. Dr. WU Tangchun, Ph.D, Dean of the School of Public Health, a full Professor specialized in Environmental and Occupational, Director of Key Lab for Environment and Health funded by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, visiting scientist of Lab. of Molecular Genetics (National Key Lab) in Huazhong Agriculture University (Wuhan). Prof. WU pursued his post-doctoral research and was visiting professor at the Lab. of Molecular and Development Genetics in Laval University, Canada.

Team Members:

Prof. CHEN Weihong, Ph.D in University of Essen in German, a prominent professor of the School of Public Health in TJMC and adjunct professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, specialized in Occupational and Environmental Health, research interests focus on health effects and pathogenesis (on human) of particulate matter exposure, especially respiratory diseases. In her long-year research and teaching, she has published enormously and won numerous funding projects in related areas. More detailed information see:

Prof. PAN An, Ph.D in the Institute for Nutritional Sciences in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, Professor of Epidemiology and Assistant Dean in the School of Public Health, research interests focus on non-communicable diseases, such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes. Prof. PAN was a researcher in Department of Nutrition in Harvard School of Public Health, and Assistant Professor in Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore, Singapore; he won many international prizes and has been the chief editor of many renowned journals in the field of Epidemiology. Detailed information:

Prof. HE Mei’an, Ph.D, a full professor in the School of Public Health, TJMC of HUST, academic areas specialized in Occupational and Environmental Health. Detailed information:

The other two members includes Dr. ZhangXiaomin and Dr. GUO Hua

B. Main Research Areas

The Prevention and etiology of major environment-related disease academic team concentrated on the etiology and prevention of major environment-related diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and respiratory disease.

1. Biological significance of heat shock proteins and their related proteins in the stresses or diseases with the techniques of molecular and cellular biology, toxicology, epidemiology and others. 2. Carcinogenesis and biomarkers of occupational and environmental related lung cancer and coronary heart diseases. 3. Occupational, environmental exposures and coronary heart diseases in cohort. 4. Environments, genes and their interaction on the cardiopulmonary injury and diseases.

C. Background & Significance

This academic team established the Dongfeng-Tongji cohort in 2008 and finished the first follow-up in 2013. This cohort included 27,009 retirees from Dongfeng Motor Corporation at baseline. In 2013, we enrolled 38,295 individuals and the follow-up rate is 96.2%. Based on this cohort, we investigated the etiology and prevention of major environment-related diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and respiratory diseases. Also, we collaborated with other cohorts such as CKB, NHS, HPFS, and so on. This academic team obtained good reputation in China and worldwide.

D. Achievement & Awards

1. Tangchun Wu, Miao Yang, jing Yuan, Chengfeng Xiao, Feng Wang. The roles of HSPs in environmental stress an environment-related diseases. Natural Science Award in Hubei Province, First Prize, 2009

2. Tangchun Wu,et al. Role of HSPs and DNA repair gene in environmental stress an diseases. National Natural Science Award, Second Prize, 2013

3. Weihong Cheng, Tangchun Wu, et al. Pathogenic development and preventive strategies of industrial dust. National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Second Prize2014.

4. Tangchun Wu, Kedi Yang, Liegang Liu, Guoyuan Cheng, Ping Yao. Innovation and practice of the training model of preventive medical talents based on ability trainingNational Teaching Achievement AwardSecond Prize2014.

    Team Contact: Prof. PAN An,

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