Prof. HUANG Kai's Team

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---- Metabolic Disorders

A. Introduction of the Team

Academic Leader: Prof. Dr. HUANG Kai, vice-dean of Union Hospital, Yangtze River Scholar, chief physician of cardiovascular medicine.

Prof. Dr Huang acquired his Ph.D degree in 1999 and pursued postdoctoral research in cardiac electrophysiology and molecular biology at Columbia University and University of California San Francisco in U.S.A, funded for decades by Science and Technology Ministry of China, Ministry of Education of China, NSFC and Hubei Provincial Government. Being the fellowship of American College of Cardiology, he also serves as the chairman or board member of the Chinese Society of Cardiovascular Diseases, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association branch of cardiovascular disease, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association Council etc. Prof. HUANG won high reputation in cardiovascular diseases field for his abundant publications on top tier international journals, and serves as editor-in-chief and honorable reviewer of many authoritative journals in the field.

Primary team members:

Study Field



lipid metabolism disorders and vascular remodeling


Associate Professor


Associate Professor

ZHU Feng

Associate professor

HE Shaolin


WANG Cheng




diabetic heart diseases and micro-vascular lesion

FU Qin

Associate Professor


Associate Professor



HU Lizhi




non-alcoholic fatty liver





ZHANG Fengxiao


PENG Jiangtong


DU Meng


LI Xiaoguang


B. Research Direction

The basic research and clinical treatment on the pathogenesis of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases

1. Multiple research on diseases associated with lipid metabolism and vascular remodeling, the feasible prevention and treatment strategy on this basis.

2. The pathogenesis and intervention of diabetic heart disease and micro-vascular lesion.

3. The pathogenesis of non-alcoholic fatty liver and its effects and mechanism of action on cardiovascular system

C. Advantages and Resources

Department of Cardiology of Union Hospital, is the national key subjects of the Ministry of Education, National Key Clinical Specialties of the Ministry of Public Health of China. This department is composed of cardiovascular disease clinical center (including cardiovascular medicine and surgery, cardiovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment and cardiovascular molecular imaging center), cardiovascular basic research center, human genome clinical research center and collaborative product innovation platform of new drug research and application for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The platform has a total laboratory of 4000 square meters, 50 large-scale instruments and equipment worth 100 thousand yuan and the total value approximately 70 billion yuan. Experimental instruments include liquid chromatography mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), isolated vascular perfusion and functional detection system, ultrasonic apparatus for live animals, biologic duoflow protein chromatography system, laser scanning confocal microscope, electron microscope, flow cytometer, heraeus sepatech, electrophoresis apparatus, gel documentation system, frozen and ordinary microtome, pathological test imaging system, laboratory animal center with specific pathogen free(SPF) level and other advanced instruments. Aiming at the international subject frontiers and combining the pathological characteristics of cardiovascular disease, this team is absorbed to resolve major clinical and scientific issues facing in the cardiovascular disease research and formed the disciplinary characteristic in cardiovascular disease metabonomics, cardiovascular disease immunology and molecular cardiology study guided with the mechanism of coronary cardiac disease. In the field of cardiac transplant, team’s clinical medicine and scientific research is in the front rank in the whole country. The team has also obtained a series of high-level and influential achievements in cardiovascular molecular imaging research, especially in the cardiac nuclide imaging and ultrasonic contrast. The major clinical and basic research of this team includes cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, cardiovascular disease immunology, cardiac electrophysiology, cardiac molecular biology, interventional cardiology and cardiac failure.  

D. Achievement & Awards

The team has long been engaged in the research on the clinical treatment of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes, and attained a series of innovative achievements: It discovered the new pathogenesis of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, such as acute coronary artery syndrome (ACS), blood hypertension, heart failure etc, which provides a solid theoretical foundation and experimental gist for the progress of clinical treatment of those diseases. The research team has published 50+ highly influential papers in science journals like Journal of Hepatology, Am J Pathol, PNAS, J Am Col Cardio, PloS genetics, Hepatology, Oncogene, J Biol Chem, Circulation, Circ Res, Am J Path etc.

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