Joint Hospital: The 10th Clinical Hospital/Hubei Maternal & Child Health Hospital

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Hubei maternal and child health care hospital (Hubei women and children's Hospital) was established in 1977. It is a Third Grade Class A maternal and child health care hospital directly under the Hubei Provincial Health Commission. It was awarded the "Baby Friendly Hospital" by the former Ministry of health, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's fund. The hospital undertakes the six major tasks of medical treatment, health care, reproductive health technical guidance, health education, maternal and child health information management, scientific research and teaching in Hubei Province.

The hospital covers an area of more than 300 mu, with 1,900 authorized beds and 1,400 opened beds. At present, there are more than 2,800 employees, more than 370 people with associate senior professional titles, 714 people with master's degree and doctor's degree, and more than 200 experts hold the post of director or above of various academic organizations at all levels. In 2019, there were 2.77 million outpatient visits, 93,000 discharged patients and 29,000 deliveries.

The hospital has prenatal diagnosis center, birth defect precision medical center, cervical cancer prevention and treatment center, genetic medicine center, neonatal disease screening center, neonatal emergency transfer center, critical maternal treatment center, clinical research center of neonatal emergency medicine, neonatal professional medical quality control center, child development behavior center, birth defect prevention and management center,neonatal disease screening, Genetic Metabolism diagnosis and treatment center, gynecological malignant tumor clinical medicine research center, etc.

 The hospital attaches great importance to discipline construction. Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the key specialty of national cultivation and construction. Obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, clinical pathology, pediatric surgery, ultrasound medicine, radiology, and stomatology are the national standardized training bases for resident doctors. The department of gynecology is the national training base for gynecological endoscopic diagnosis and treatment technology, the grass-roots training base for cervical lesions prevention and treatment, the national training base for neonatal professional doctors in neonatal pediatrics, the national training base for ultrasound backbone and teachers in prenatal diagnosis, and the national training base for birth defect prevention and treatment talents in China The medical imaging department is the standardization base of Obstetrics and Gynecology Intervention of China Maternal and Child Health Care Association, the obstetrics department is a national standardized training base for midwives, a national specialty for maternal and child health care, and a national high-quality service unit for maternal and infant safety. The child health care department is a national demonstration base for early childhood development.  

The hospital attaches great importance to technical upgrading.In obstetrics department, radiofrequency ablation of single chorionic multiple fetuses was carried out. A rapid response team was established for the treatment of high-risk pregnant women. Multidisciplinary treatment was carried out. A large number of high-risk pregnant women were successfully rescued by obstetrics and gynecology intervention and abdominal aortic balloon surgery.The department of reproduction has passed the PGT and aid evaluation and carried out the third generation of IVF technology. ROSE (Rapid On-Oite Evaluation) and video examination of swallowing function under bronchoscope were carried out in pediatric respiratory department. Double balloon enteroscopy diagnosis and treatment and upper gastrointestinal stricture dilatation under gastroscope were carried out in children's Department of Gastroenterology.Children 's hematology department carried out solid tumor treatment, children' s cardiovascular department carried out radiofrequency ablation of children 's arrhythmias, and neonatal department carried out continuous renal replacement treatment. Nearly ten thousand cases of malformed infants were diagnosed annually by the mode of multi-disciplinary prenatal diagnosis.

  Facing the future, the hospital will, in accordance with the requirements of modern hospital management, strive to build into a Provincial Maternal and child health care hospital with perfect service function, advanced service concept, leading medical technology and satisfaction of the government and the people.

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