Joint Hospital: The 8th Clinical Hospital/Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital

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Wuhan Jinyintan hospital (formerly Wuhan Medical Treatment Center), a comprehensive medical institution integrating clinical, teaching and scientific research, is the only public health medical treatment base jointly built by the province and city in Wuhan with a history of nearly 100 years. It is a designated hospital for medical treatment of emergency public health events in Wuhan and the whole Hubei Province.It is also a designated hospital for the treatment of liver disease, tuberculosis, AIDS, schistosomiasis, hand foot mouth disease, human infection with H7N9 avian influenza and others. Jinyintan hospital, third class specialized hospital directly under the Wuhan health and Family Planning Commission, is the National Chinese Medicine Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine prevention and treatment of infectious diseases clinical base, Wuhan infectious disease medical quality control center and Wuhan AIDS medical quality management center.

The hospital adheres to the concept of "large specialty, small comprehensive", and provides clinical departments such as infectious diseases department, tuberculosis department, liver disease department, AIDS department, oncology department, gastroenterology department, traditional Chinese medicine department, tuberculosis Department of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, thoracic surgery, bone surgery, general surgery, brain surgery, trauma surgery, emergency department, critical medicine department, anesthesiology department, ultrasound intervention department, stomatology department, ophthalmology department, obstetrics and gynecology department. In addition, it also has the laboratory, medical imaging, pathology, respiratory disease interventional diagnosis and treatment department, functional department, pharmacy department and other medical and technical departments; it also has Wuhan Institute of infectious diseases and Wuhan Institute of liver disease.

The hospital has 685 health professional and technical personnel, 109 professional and technical personnel of associate senior or above.

The hospital has laminar flow operating rooms and the first negative pressure ward in Wuhan, as well as a P2+ laboratory. It is equipped with advanced medical equipment such as MRI, 64-row CT, digital X-ray machine, membrane lung oxygenation system, digital subtraction angiography system, thoracoscope, mediastinoscope, endoscopic ultrasonography, color ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, lung function meter, artificial liver blood purification system, automatic biochemical analyzer, flow cytometer, genetic analyzer, PCR amplification instrument, fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument.

The hospital has set up a DSA and hemoptysis diagnosis and treatment center to promote the diagnosis and treatment of hemoptysis with multidisciplinary and professional cooperation, and has successfully diagnosed and treated many patients with fatal hemoptysis, hemoptysis asphyxia and coma.

As a member of the International Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO), our hospital is the first in Central China to develop the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) technique for the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome. In 2016, our hospital successfully treated four patients with severe pneumonia and severe respiratory failure, including the first case of critical H7N9 avian influenza in Hubei province.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of our hospital uses ECMO, plasma exchange, CRRT and other techniques to treat patients with respiratory failure caused by various critical illnesses (severe pneumonia complicated by AIDS, ARDS complicated by tuberculosis, ARDS complicated by sepsis, severe pneumonia complicated by measles, tuberculous meningitis, etc.) and achieves very good therapeutic results.


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