Joint Hospital: The 6th Clinical Hospital/Wuhan Women & Children Medical Care Center

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Wuhan Children's Hospital (Wuhan Maternal & Child Health Care Hospital, Wuhan Women & Children Medical & Health Care Center) is located at No. 100, Hong Kong Road, Jiang'an District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, covering an area of 65,000 square meters. Founded in December 1954, the hospital is the fourth children's Hospital in The People's Republic of China.

The hospital has 3 outpatient departments and 2000 authorized beds. It is a comprehensive medical institution integrating medical and health care functions for women and children. It is responsible for the medical care and scientific research tasks of women and children in Hubei Province and surrounding provinces and cities, and the health care and management and guidance tasks of 6 million women and children in Wuhan City, and shoulders the important task of leading the development of Pediatrics in the whole province. In 2018, there were 2.774 million outpatient and emergency patients, 102,800 discharged patients, 38,000 surgeries and 10,034 deliveries.

The hospital is equipped with advanced equipment, complete facilities and complete departments. It has 55 clinical and medical technical departments, including neurology, neurosurgery, cardiovascular medicine, cardiothoracic surgery, hematologic neoplasms, urology, gynecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine. With the advantages of specialty, the hospital has gradually built ten diagnosis and treatment centers, including nerve and rehabilitation medical center, neonatal disease diagnosis and treatment center, minimally invasive surgery center, cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment center, otorhinolaryngology disease diagnosis and treatment center, blood tumor diagnosis and treatment center, plastic surgery and beauty treatment center, fetal medicine center, kidney disease diagnosis and treatment center, imaging medicine and nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment center. The hospital is a member of National Cooperation Network for Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Diseases.

At present, there are 2,524 employees in the hospital, with more than 300 senior and above professional titles. Chen Xiaoping, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, served as honorary president of the hospital. The hospital is a national standardized training base for resident doctors, a national pediatric anesthesia training base of Chinese Medical Association, an EEG training base of China Anti Epilepsy Association, Hubei Branch of Cardiovascular Emergency Training Center of American Heart Association, graduate workstation of Hubei Province and post doctoral innovation base of Wuhan City, which trains a large number of excellent pediatric talents for the whole province every year. The hospital has established a good relationship with children's medical institutions in the United States, Germany, Australia, Japan and other countries, and has carried out extensive cooperation. Every year, a large number of young and middle-aged backbone talents are sent abroad for exchange and study.

As the only Third Grade Class A children's Hospital in Hubei Province, the hospital actively plays a leading role in pediatrics. In March 2016, the hospital took the lead in establishing the Hubei Provincial Pediatric Medical Alliance to build a new pediatric medical service system in Hubei Province. At present, there are 186 alliance units, which play an important role in implementing two-way referral, promoting the sinking of high-quality medical resources, and improving the quality of primary pediatric medical service among grass-root units. Actively play the role of Hubei Provincial pediatric medical quality control center, and constantly promote the development of pediatric medical quality homogeneity in the province.

The hospital adheres to the public welfare of medical service, organizes medical backbone to participate in Xinjiang, Tibet aid and Africa aid program, organizes "Hubei Children's Health Trip" activity to carry out targeted poverty alleviation work, establishes "Sunshine Baby" charity relief public welfare fund, links various social public welfare charity resources for poor children, so that poor children can feel the care of society.

The hospital has been awarded "Baby Friendly Hospital", "National Top 100 Hospital", "National Youth Civilization ", "The Group of Red Flag March 8 " and "National May 1st Female Pacesetter Post", and has been successively ranked as "The Best Civilized Unit" in Hubei Province for 9 consecutive times.

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