Joint Hospital: The 5th Clinical Hospital/Wuhan Central Hospital

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The Central Hospital of Wuhan (Wuhan second hospital) was founded in 1,880, which has a long history. It is a large comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention, also known as Renji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The hospital is located in the downtown center of Hankou, adjacent to Jianghan Road, a famous commercial pedestrian street in China. The hospital covers an area of 47,529.31 square meters and has 1,200 beds. The average number of outpatient and emergency departments is 644,000 and the average number of inpatients is 25,000.

The hospital has more than 170 advanced and sophisticated medical equipment, such as Dutch 1.5T superconducting magnetic resonance imaging scanner, Japanese spiral scanning whole body CT (2 sets), Japanese 2000 mA digital subtraction X-ray machine, tomography machine, American ADAC-PET, color Doppler, Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, 2300C / D linear accelerator, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, artificial heart and lung machine, series ofMinimally invasive operation equipment, brain stereotactic surgery instrument, ultrasonic emulsification therapeutic apparatus, hemodialysis machine and other large-scale advanced medical equipment.

There are 40 clinical medical departments and 25 medical technical departments in the hospital. At present, there are 1,200 employees, including 112 senior professional and technical personnel and 291 intermediate professional and technical personnel.

On the basis of high overall technical level, the hospital has formed four major medical centers, including cardiovascular (cardiovascular medicine, cardiac surgery), cerebrovascular (Neurology, brain surgery), tumor (tumor surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy), emergency (including Specialties like general surgery, orthopaedic surgery,urology and etc.)

The hospital is committed to invigorating the hospital with science and technology, constantly introducing new business and new technology at home and abroad, and has successfully carried out: intracardiac interventional surgery, such as radiofrequency ablation, intracoronary artery angioplasty and coronary thrombolysis;

Cerebrovascular microsurgery and interventional surgery: such as medulla oblongata tumor resection, brain stereotactic and laser microsurgery for intracranial pineal region tumor resection, interventional treatment of intracranial vascular diseases, spasmodic torticollis surgery, etc.;

Endoscopic minimally invasive surgery: general surgery (such as cholecystectomy, appendectomy, etc.), thoracic surgery (such as pleural effusion, pulmonary bullae, lobes and chest tumor resection, etc.), extraperitoneal (such as electrovaporization of the prostate, nephrectomy, etc.), gynecology (such as Hysteromyoma, enucleation of ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy, infertility, Minimally invasive endoscopic treatment of endometriosis, etc.);

Endoscopic interventional therapy: it involves the treatment of many diseases in many departments, such as gastroenterology, respiratory medicine, E.N.T. and so on.

The hospital implements the whole process satisfactory service, promotes the medical treatment to be open, fully implements the patient's right to know, the right to choose and the right to supervise, and the patient can choose the doctor to serve himself. The hospital strictly controls the service fee and Standardize charges.

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