Joint Hospital: The 4th Clinical Hospital/Integrated Chinese Traditional & Western Medicine Hospital

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Embraced by the Yangtze and Han riversides, Wuhan No.1 Hospital (Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine) is a large-scale comprehensive Grade III Class A hospital, integrating clinical medicine, education, research, training and health care management. It is appointed by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM), as one of the first nationwide key hospitals of Traditional Chinese and Western medicines. Wuhan No.1 Hospital not only serves as the 4th Clinical Academy of Huazhong University of Science and Technology Tongji Medical College, but also is affiliated to Hubei University of Chinese Medicine.


After nearly 100 years of development,the hospital built into a "1 + 2 + 1" layout with one headquarters, two centers, and a new hospital.The headquarters currently covers an area of 50000 square meter, with an 180,000 square meter construction area.The two centers are Panlong Rehabilitation Medical Center and Hanxi Hemodialysis Sub-center;On the other hand, Panlong branch covering an area of 100000 square meter and a total investment of 100 million RMB will be built into a 1200-bed tertiary hospital in phases.

The hospital currently has out of 3,060 authorized beds, 2,520 of them are available. There are 3.06 million outpatients and emergency treatments per year, along with 103000 inpatients and 59700 surgeries annually. The total assets are estimated to be 3.236 billion RMB.


As a comprehensive hospital, the hospital consists of 49 clinical, medical and technical departments, including 4 key nation-level clinical departments (Dermatology Dept., Gastroenterology Dept., Nephrology Dept. and Clinical Nursing Dept.), 4 key disciplines (Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Clinical Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology of TCM), 9 key specialties sanctioned by SATCM, and 30 provincial key departments. The hospital is also companied with 2 National TCM healthcare centers (one Dermatology oriented, one Gastroenterology oriented) and 14 medical quality control centers respectively for dermatology, gastroenterology, general surgery, urinary surgery, emergency medicine, medical imaging, blood dialysis, cerebral stroke, nursing, DRGs and integrated traditional Chinese & western medicine.


There are 3283 staff now in the hospital, including 328 senior technicians, 9 doctoral supervisors, 88 postgraduate supervisors, 14 experts entitled to State Council allowance, 7 young & middle-aged experts with provincial/municipal outstanding contribution awards, 21 experts entitled to provincial/municipal allowance, 6 national master-disciple program mentors authorized by SATCM with 26 heirs to it, 2 provincial medical leading talents,4 provincial TCM masters, 6 provincial prestigious TCM doctors, 5 provincial young & middle-aged prestigious TCM doctors and more than 20 talents with outstanding contributions & awards in their research, education and clinical domains. During the past few years, the hospital has undertaken over 680 scientific research projects in a wide range of types and levels. Moreover, the hospital has conducted 40 projects approved by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 160 projects approved by the province. With more than 3000 published core journal theses and 145 SCI papers,the hospital received 160 achievements in science & technology and 44 patents.In addition,the hospital received 62 science and technology awards of them are awarded by the province/city.


The hospital is equipped with the first vertical express way for medical treatment in Hubei, globally advanced one-stop operating rooms, fully automatic biochemical immunoassay lines, and multiple state-of-the-art medical equipment featuring SOMATOM Definition Flash CT. The hospital has launched six cutting-edge medical technologies successively in fields related to reproduction, stem cell, gene diagnosis, interventional therapy, micro-invasive therapy and laser therapy. The 14 special disease treatment groups (psoriasis, acne, urticaria and vitiligo) of Dermatology Department are praised as the “Top Four” in the country. Also the “unique external treatment” for Gastroenterological diseases and the “Zhonghuanqiang” triple sequential therapy for renal diseases have received favorable comments. By constructing “top-grafting” platforms, it becomes feasible to independently perform in-cavity micro-invasive therapy for major iliac artery diseases, pelvic reconstructive surgery, precise hepatectomy, excision of complicated pancreas tumor, ENT cancer removal and ESD, ERCP and EUS in Gastroenterology Department.


Throughout almost 100 years, what remains unchanged are the spirits of “Morality, Humanity, Dedication and Innovation”. Every generation of Wuhan No.1 Hospital staff spares no effort to make a difference and shines its own light to leave a remarkable note in the ever-enriching history of the hospital. In the exploration over the past 40 years, the hospital has been honored with considerable titles, such as National Healthcare Culture Award, National Model home of Staff, the first National Senior-friendly Hospital,"Outstanding Unit" of National Health Commission Action Plan for Improving Medical Services and a Grade Ⅳ Class A hospital of Standardization of hospital information interconnection . As for provincial and municipal achievements, the hospital has been winning the Award of Civilization, the Labor Day Medal, Woman-friendly Award and Advanced Primary Party Committee Award. Under the new public hospital reform policy, Wuhan No.1 Hospital perseveres to its motto "For Patients' Best" and "TCM feat. Western Medicine" concept. The hospital shall remain true to its original aspiration and keep the mission firmly in mind, which is to become a domestic top-ranked and globally renowned hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.


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