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YIN Dakui

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Professor YIN Dakui was born in Anlu City, Hubei Province in 1940. He is a well-known health administrative management expert in my country, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Health of the country, and the lifetime honorary president of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Professor Yin Dakui graduated from Wuhan Medical College in 1964 and is a well-known internal medicine expert in our country.

He successively served as the deputy dean of Sichuan Medical College (West China University of Medical Sciences), the director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Health, and in 1993, he served as the deputy minister of the Ministry of Health.

He has presided over the formulation or revision of many health administrative laws, regulations and rules in China, presided over or participated in the handling of many major public health emergencies in my country. Professor Yin Dakui and his colleagues founded the "China Health Service Management" magazine in 1985, and served as the chairman of the editorial board and the honorary editor-in-chief. The journalhas developed into a national comprehensive health service management publicly issued at home and abroad.Is is acore Chinese journal of Peking University included in many databases such as CNKI,Itenjoyshigh authority and reputation in the national health and pharmaceutical industries. Professor YIN Dakui is not only an expert in the field of medicine, but also a master of health administration in our country. He has served as the vice president of the university, the director of the Department of Health, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Health, the president of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and the president of the Chinese Health Promotion and Education Association. Professor YIN Dakui witnessed and witnessed the development of our country's health industry. His famous saying "Only cure but not prevent, the more you cure, the more busy you are; if you only cure but not prevent, spend money to be flustered; if only cure but not prevent, pain and grief" is also his motto for practicing the "prevention first" policy and caring about the health of the people.

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