TJMC’s Contribution in Combatting the Global Pandemic

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In the early spring of 2020, when China was faced with the outbreak of the coronavirus, President Xi Jinping, also General Secretary of CPC Central Committee made an important statement: We must always put the safety and health of the people first.

Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, which is located at the center of the pandemic storm, gave full play to its advantages in the medical field, and acted quickly to combat the disease in the following 5 respects:

1."Tongji Wisdom" with Breakthroughs on Scientific Research

Experts and scholars' expertise were fully exploited to address major issues regarding COVID-19 in epidemiology, rapid test kit, medicine & vaccine development, clinical diagnosis and treatment, disease prevention and control mechanisms, psychological intervention, and various comprehensive research on public health governance.

2."Tongji Voice" in Spreading Knowledge Accessible to Public:

Viewing the battle against the pandemic as their own responsibility, medical school experts and scholars offered their insights on combating, preventing and controlling the pandemic. The knowledge to prevent and treat coronavirus was made accessible to the general public, and the research results were published in various media platforms and think tanks.

3."Tongji Measures“ for Precise Policies

The experts in preventative medicine and epidemiology in affiliated hospitals provided consultation to the central or local government; clinical experts shared their experience of combating the pandemic and provided the treatment solutions to overseas counterparts through 130 plus online meetings.

4."Tongji Power" in Combatting the Pandemic

All our alumni and staff stood out to Answer the Call for the Mission of medical workers. 34,000 doctors and nurses in 11 affiliated hospitals were fighting on the clinical frontline all day all night from the beginning to end. A total of 10,000 beds were put in use, and nearly 6,000 beds in makeshift hospitals. Nearly one-half of the critical patients in Wuhan were admitted by 11 affilated hospitals. Tongji Medical College of HUST is the clinical medical group invested the most, contributed the most in China during the pandemic.

5."Tongji Image” in Promoting Positive Energy

At the critical moment when the global epidemic seriously endanged the people's health and life, it's our Tongji alumni who once again stood out and went forward the clinical frontline one after another, performed a series of heroic legend and even sacrificed their lives. They deduces the wonderful moment of Tongji Spiirit who continue to write the magnificent chapter of serving people's health for a hundred years.

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