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Breakthroughs on Scientific Research.

Experts and scholars' expertise were fully exploited to address major issues regarding COVID-19 in epidemiology, rapid test kit, medicine & vaccine development, clinical diagnosis and treatment, disease prevention and control mechanisms, psychological intervention, and various comprehensive research on public health governance.

Professor CHEN Jianguo and his team has made a thorough study of the active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine and the scientific principles of Chinese medicine treatment, and promoted the use of Chinese medicine in anti-epidemic.

Professor HU Yu of Union Hospital Affiliated to TJMC developed the project of Etiological Mechanism & Precise Diagnosis and Treatment, which constructed a multi-modal and efficient diagnostic system, established individualized and precise diagnosis and treatment for patients, and dramatically alleviated the run on medical resources.

Professor LI Yan, worked jointly with a number of scientific research institutions, has screened out a variety of antiviral drugs that may be effective against 2019 new CoV, and is accelerating drug research and development.

Prof. FAN Xionglin and Prof. OUYANG Zhuqing of the College of Basic Medical Sciences are jointly developing a protein subunit vaccine for COVID-19.

The experts team led by Prof. LI Hua of the School of Pharmacy has proposed for the first time that furin could be a new target for coronavirus treatment, and the team is now focusing on the R&D off urin inhibitors.

Professor WANG Lin carried out the research of chip kit based on NanoSPR technology, and carried out the clinical experiment of rapid detection of throat test sub-samples.

Tongji Hospital formulated the "Quick Guide for Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19" right after the outbreak. Union Hospital developed a new COVID-19 IgM/IgG antibody rapid test kit.

Union Hospital and Tongji Hospital respectively launched effective Chinese medicines for the prevention and treatment of mild cases of COVID-19: "Tongji Coffee" and "Union Black Tea"

    Each hospital has carried out a large number of scientific research projects to combat COVID-19, and has produced promising results, which are widely used in the prevention, control and clinical treatment of the pandemic nationwide.

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