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"Tongji Power" in Combatting the Pandemic

All  staff stood out at this critical moment to answer the call for mission. 34,000 medicare workers in 11 affiliated hospitals were fighting on the frontline from the beginning to end. A total of 10,000 beds were put in use, and nearly 6,000 beds in makeshift hospitals. Nearly one-half of the critical coronavirus patients in Wuhan were admitted here.....

Tongji Medical College of HUST is the medical group invested the most and contributed the most in China during the Pandemic.

The Affiliated Union Hospital is the first to set up a coronavirus nucleic acid testing laboratory in the province and the Affiliated Tongji Hospital continued to increase its capacity for coronavirus testing daily...

The Union Hospital Affiliated to TJMC of HUST admitted a total of 23,000 patients, 5,220 patients in critical condition , with a total survival rate of 92.3%

To February 21, the Affiliated Tongji Hospital had received a total of 32,640 patients in the fever clinic, including 2,276 critically patients, and provided online-consultation to 74,365 patients.

Affiliated Tongji Hospital invested over  RMB 100 million and transformed the new Sino-French New City Hospital and the Optics Valley Hospital to treat critically ill coronavirus patients.

No fear of death, regardless of pay, all the staff and alumni stood out to confront the challenge of Great Epidemic of the Century.

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