Guangming Daily Published Prof. CHEN Jianguo's Article about Medical Education Reform

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It's advisable to train interdisciplinary healthcare professionals with management knowledge, decision-making capacity, and communicating skills to better cope with public health emergencies. The following measures shall be taken:

l. Promote the interdisciplinary development of disciplinessuch as clinical medicine, preventative medicine, health management, nursing, forensic medicine, health medicine, and Chinese medicine.

2. Make full use of the public health and preventative medicine disciplines of medical colleges, both of which are first-class disciplines and A+ disciplines, and explore the setup ofdoctoral programs for public health and successive bachelor-doctor program for preventative medicine.

3. Actively promote the interdisciplinary setup and development ofemerging disciplines such as Medicine and Clinical Medicine.

4. Put more focus onthe scientific R&D of traditional Chinese medicine, and do more positive exploration intraining healthcare workers with a background in both traditional Chinese and western medicines.

It's constructive to enhance collaboration between academic training and in-field work, to optimize the training model for healthcare workers.

1.To carefully and comprehensively analyze the problems exposed in the prevention and control of the pandemic, and summarize the healthcare workers' experience and SOP, some at the costs of their health and even lives in dealing with the Pandemic.

2.To fully mobilize the affiliated hospitals to participate in the training of clinical healthcare workers, form a benign academic-hospital healthcare worker training mechanism, further deepen the comprehensive reform of medical education to help healthcare workers to be more professional and perform better at clinical settings.

3.To optimize the training models and programs for healthcare workers and adopt the interdisciplinary approach, for example, preventative medicine courses are added to clinical training, and clinical courses are added to preventative medicine training; actively carry out general medical education, and take concrete steps to implement preventative strategies and build community health service centers.

It's desirable to increase medical students' awareness of public health guided by the new medical model and the concept of whole health.

1. To accelerate the transition from "focusing on disease treatment" to "focusing on health improvement" in medical education.

2. In addition to professional knowledge, medical students must alsosee global health as a whole, be aware of laws regarding prevention and control of infectious diseases, be able to educate on and promote health concepts, understand public health,andhave the ability to respond to public health emergenciesandhandle it on site.

3. Apart from to see individual patients, to analyze the situation and make decisions is equally critical to a doctor. Public health emergency and pandemic prevention courses should be integrated to improve medical students' awareness of and ability to handle public health emergencies.

It's favorable to continue to set up a training system of life-long education & focus on general education before medical training.

l. Undergraduate training for medical students: should focus on medical foundamental and general medical education

2. Post-graduation training: It is necessary to standardize the residency and specialties training, and gradually link the standardized residency training with academic training on clinical medicine, and link the standardized specialties training with a Ph.D in clinical medicine.

3. Continuous medical training: Furtheremphasize lifelong training for general practitioners and hospital specialists, make sure the continuous training is associated with the promotion of doctors’ professional career.

China must take further steps to ensure solid medical education.

l. Stress importance to medical education byimproving the training system, increasing investment, providing more support to the key laboratories, and significantly increasing the number of graduate and doctoral students.

2. Training of research-oriented healthcare workers and field healthcare workers calls for new education models, teaching, field training, and scientific research should be integrated to help students better grasp knowledge, their professions, and critical thinking skills.

3. Reform the evaluation mechanism and recruitment system for healthcare workers, encourage teachers to invest more timein teaching and field training.

Following the strategy of empowering the country with education and people’s health, Tongji Medical College should give full play to the advantages of being a comprehensive medical school, and improve the training model for the new generation of healthcare workers, deepen the reform and development of medical education, and train medical scientists and distinguished doctors with "international vision, love for the country and its people, integrity, skills, and Tongji spirit".

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