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Smart Medicine Enabled by 5G and AI

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Today, there is a radical revolution in medical data presentation.

At present, we have achieved intelligent processing of digital medical information, holographic visualization of image data, telemedicine platform, precision operation control tools and other technologies.

In recent years, mixed reality technology has developed rapidly. Its core feature is to break the boundary between the digital virtual world and the physical real world, thus breaking through the quantitative accumulation of digital technology for many years to the qualitative change. Since its emergence, this technology has attracted strong attention from the medical community and will bring great changes to modern medicine. We are actively exploring and applying this technology.

This is a video of how mixed reality technology is used for medical education.

This is a video of how mixed reality for medical research is appled.

The following is a video of how mixed reality technology is used for medical communication.

On June 26, 2017, the affiliated Union hospital performed the world first "mixed-reality guided hip fracture surgery".

This is a CCTV report of the operation.

The affiliated Union hospital is the first in the world to apply mixed reality technology to medical clinical education. This is the scene of orthopedic teaching.

This is a mixed reality teaching scenario for the digestive system, circulatory system and urinary system.

The Union hospital Affiliated to TJMC has realized multi-site remote consultation based on mixed reality technology for the first time on a global scale. The patient is a 76-year-old female from Kumusi. She fell from a height of about 3 meters due to her slip on grass cutting and fractured her left hip.

The surgical team of Zhewei Ye and Xinghuo Wu professors from the affiliated Union hospital is responsible for consultation and overall coordination. The first site is located in the center of Wuhan union hospital remote consultation. The second site is located in Kumusi Bortala State People's Hospital, 3,700 kilometers away from Wuhan. The third site is located at Virginia Tech University in the United States, 15,000 kilometers away from Wuhan.

The world's first remote consultation surgery with mixed reality cloud platform in 5G environment. Through the 5G network environment, remote preoperative discussion, doctor-patient communication and on-site surgical guidance have been successfully implemented, and the medical remote consultation has been upgraded from the traditional two-dimensional presentation mode such as videos and pictures to a brand-new three-dimensional presentation mode, greatly improving the accuracy and safety of surgery. During the 2-hour operation, the audio and video transmission was smooth and high-definition, with no lag and delay, just like "zero distance" face-to-face communication.

Hybrid cloud platform will mix reality technology and cloud computing, cloud storage technology, and through the 5G communication technology to realize transmission, system integration medical image workstation, 3D visualization workstation, holographic display device, and can be distributed in national and global medical endpoint interwoven into the net, all hospitals and health workers can be through the internet in real time, in the form of holographic and three-dimensional medical information face to face communication and discussion, to achieve “thousands of miles away, within easy reach.”

Clinical application research of VR technology led by Professor Zhewei Ye's team has attained following goals:

1. Research on fracture of tibial plateau based on mixed reality technology

2. The world's first hip fracture surgery guided by mixed reality technology

3. Application of mixed reality technology in surgical navigation

4. Realized the multi-location teleconsultation based on mixed reality technology in the world for the first time

This team is committed to promote cross integration of medical engineering and medical science. At present, an intelligent medical laboratory has been established in Union Hospital affiliated to TJMC of HUST, and it's planned to build a Microsoft intelligent medical laboratory in HUST with the support of Microsoft.

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