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Targeting the International Frontier

Author: Source: Date:January 8, 2021 Cilk Times:[]

        By keeping a close eye on the international frontier, the research team of Professor CHENG Xiang from the Department of Cardiology of Union Hospital Affiliated to HUSY, has made remarkable progress in the field of immunological pathogenesis of ischemic heart failure.

        The related research results were published on July 31, 2019 in the European Heart Journal (EHJ), a prestigious international journal in the field of cardiovascular. IF23.239

        The Journal of Hepatology, a top international journal for liver disease research, published online on June 5, 2019 of the latest research results by the team of Professor YANG Dongliang and Associate Professor LIU Jia from the Department of Infectious Disease of our hospital.

        This study demonstrates for the first time that the immune molecule CD100 plays an important role in regulating intrahepatic HBV-specific T cell responses during hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, thereby influencing the prognosis of disease. (IF: 18.946)

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