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AlphaGo AI-DR

Author: Source: Date:January 8, 2021 Cilk Times:[]

Tongji Hospital Affiliated to TJMC, HUST, has developed "AlphaGo AI-DR" artificial intelligence radiography reading software. This software diagnoses a digital image in less than 0.1 second. It takes only 5 seconds to diagnose a lung CT, with the accuracy rate over 90% for finding pulmonary nodules, which is similar to a senior attending physician, AlphaGo AI-DR has the incomparable merits as never forgetful or fatigue.

When facing the dilemma of rampant Covid-19 and severe risks of the runs on medical resources, Tongji Hospital Affiliated to TJMC has developed this AI deep learning algorithm for screening suspected Covid-19 patients in fever clinic.

And this AI has proven to be highly consistent with the radiologist panel in diagnosing the increased burden of lesions. The final conclusion is that the system has high accuracy for different patients with Covid-19. The integration of the system into the standard clinical workflow can speed up the identification of chest CT with Covid-19 imaging indications and greatly relieve the pressure on doctors to read the images.

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