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The Fourth Round of the Discipline Evaluation Results Revealed

Author:2018-01-10 Source: Date:January 10, 2018 Cilk Times:[]

OnDecember 28, the Ministry ofEducation andGraduateEducationDevelopmentCenterrevealed the resultsof the 4th round of thedisciplineevaluation. HUST has44disciplinesparticipated in the evaluation, with14disciplines entered categoryA,among whichMechanicalEngineering,OpticalEngineering,BiomedicalEngineering,PublicHealth andPreventiveMedicine intoA+; and 28disciplines enter category B,among which19classifiedB+.

The fourth round ofdisciplineevaluation was officially launched on April 22, 2016, which lasted more than a year.There are 7449disciplinesfrom513higher education entities.Unlike the first three rounds,thisroundadopted the a new approach called“classification of the quality category”, noscoresor rankingplacesannounced like before and noemphasis ontheslightfraction difference between the unit and their rankingplaces.According tothis new approach, the first 70%disciplines are classified as ABC, among which the first 10% isA (amongwhich the firsttop2% isA+), and the first 40% is B(among whichthe first 10 to 20% is B+.

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