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TMC Celebrates the Completion of Translational Medicine Building

Author: Source: Date:January 10, 2018 Cilk Times:[]

PresidentProf.DINGLieyunmade a speech in theconstruction site ofTranslational MedicineBuildingto celebrate theroof-sealingof Translational MedicineBuildingin Tongji Medical College on January 2.VicePresidentand Dean of Tongji Medical College Prof.Chen Jianguohostedthe ceremony.

TheTranslationalMedicineBuildingwas a constructed project supervised byNational Health Service Center, and listed as the Key Project of Wuhan City in 2016.This project started on December 6, 2016, andwasscheduled to complete on July 31, 2018. The structure of the building is a frame shear wall structure, with a total construction area of 33,000 square meters, 2 floors underground and 16 floors on the ground.This building will become the modern experimental technology service platform for cross-disciplinary collaborationand the distributioncenter for developing new drugs and newtreatmentresearchas well as incubator fornew discoveries andtoptalent training center inTranslationalMedicine.

PresidentProf.DINGLieyun introduced thefruitfulachievements and good development momentumofTMCinrecent years.He stated thenewly-builtTranslationalMedicineBuildingwill promote cross-disciplinary development, greatly accelerate technical updating andresearchachievements transformation, and prompt new growth points.He hope researcherscould fulfill the strategic needs of the country, developnew technologies and productsforimprovingthe national health level and dedicatetheireffortsto"healthy China".

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