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Premier LI Keqiang inspected the Union Hospital

Author:蔡亚玲 Source: Date:December 26, 2017 Cilk Times:[]

Premier Li Keqiang made an inspection tour in Wuhan from December 11-12, accompanied by Ms. LI Bin, the Commissioner of National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Party Secretary JIANG Chaoliang and Governor WANG Xiaodong.

On the morning of December 12,Premier LI Keqiang visited the Union Hospital, the No. 1 hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical Collge of HUST. He went to see the young leukemia patients and talked with doctors about the latest development on major diseases research. He pointed out greater support needed to remove the restraints on research funds and approval procedures in policy. More efforts needed to be done to ensure the long-term, stable supply of much-needed drugs and enlarge the insurance coverage for serious illnesses for the purpose to alleviate people’s burden economically and psychologically.

Before leaving hospital,Premier LI Keqiang said, the union hospital is acomprehensive hospital trusted by ordinary people. The reason people swarmed here lies in its high curative ratio and low mortality. He hoped the majority of medical staff take their efforts consistently to make a better hospital to satisfy people.

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