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2017 Chinese-German Students Internship Exchange

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2017 Chinese-German Students Internship Exchange

     On September 5, 2017, in 2017, a special conversation in Tongji Medical College between German medical students from the University of Heidelberg, Duisburg-Essen, Berlin Charité Medical School and our students who participated in the Summer exchange programs in Germany and Japan.

      German students first visited History Corridor of Tongji Medical College, Miss KE Yuping from the General Office interpreted TJMC’s 110 years history. The abundant historical pictures and precious relics in the Corridor impressed young visitors with TJMC’s German origins and the profound friendship between Chinese and German medical forebears.


     After the visit, Mr. Gary CHEN and Miss XIANG Lanying from the International Exchange Center introduced various types of summer camp programs under the framework of agreements between TJMC and its German partners. Then, the German students shared their internship experience in the affiliated Union and Tongji Hospital, Tongji students also shared their story in the German counterpart hospitals.


     Generally speaking, German students deeply cherish this rare chance to do internship in China and encounter many cultural shocks. They first thank TJMC for  all the meticulous reception and organization, and then would show gratitude to  Chinese teachers for patient guidance and kind help. The thing touched them most was Chinese doctors should not only possess excellent professional knowledge and skills, but also wonderful communicate ability with patients and their family; Chinese doctors often collaborate to work on incurable diseases in the form of team work, which is worth learning by German hospitals. Besides what happened in hospitals, China's urban development and the people’s life also impact young Germany students, in particular, they marveled at China's highly-developed Internet access and the e-commerce’s prosperity, they described WeChat pay "everywhere", and even were amazed at all old people are using smart phone. The so-called square dance also aroused their curiosity, they regard it as a healthy way of life, which enable the aged to have fun together, while most German aged do not have such activities, and look lonely.

     Chinese students also reflect their feelings about Germany and Japan. They think the German hospitals  are comparatively quiet and comfortable, with less patients than China, and German people are kind and friendly, German doctors are very patient in teaching them. Miss YANG Fen, a 8-year clinic student said this summer’s experience in Duisburg Essen, although short, opened a window to see Germany, and attracted her to pursue doctoral degree there. WU Zhongcai, another 8-year student who visited Japan, believes Japan has high-quality medicare and advanced facilities; Japanese doctors and nurses are very careful to protect patients' privacy. In addition, Chinese students feel the Germans have a passion for reading and sports, their reading are almost everywhere, and Germans enjoy weekends with hobbies, running, or hiking etc. Their common understanding is German and Japanese people are very citizen-conscious, good habits such as strict garbage classification and clean sanitary conditions are all worth learning by China.

     In such an evening, every German and Chinese youth spoke out freely, the atmosphere so warm and the laughter heard here and there. At the end of the meeting, the students left each other their contact and were reluctant to leave.These exchange students are excellent representatives and image ambassadors of their respective colleges. It is believed that the seeds of friendship have been scattered in the hearts of these young people, and will be carried out again by the energetic young people.

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