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Microbiology, Psychiatry and Psychology at HUST newly ranked top 1% by ESI

Author: Source: Date:April 5, 2021 Cilk Times:[]

According to the latest data released by Essential Science Indicators(ESI) of Clarivate Analytics on March25th,the science performances of our university’s microbiology, psychiatry and psychology academic fields entered ESI top 1% for the first time.Eighteen fields at HUST have entered the ESI’s top 1%, tying for ninth among mainland universities.

A total of 538 institutions are included in the microbiology ranking, with 35 institutions in the mainland; our university ranks 482nd. A total of 809 institutions are included in the psychiatry and psychology ranking, with 17 institutions in the mainland; our university ranks 802nd.

HUST ranks 181st in the ESI rankings (50 places higher than March 2020, and 2 places higher than January 2021), with 1 disciplinein the top 1‱,5 in the top 1‰,and 18in the top 1%.

Essential Science Indicators is a compilation of science performance statistics and science trends data based on journal article publication counts and citation data from Thomson Scientific databases. It analyzes approximately 12,000 scientific and technology journals.

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