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The team of Reproductive Immunology from the Institute of Reproductive Health attended ASRI 2021 virtual meeting

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From May 14 to May 21, 2021, the 40thAnnual Meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Immunology (ASRI) has been successfully held online using a virtual platform. Nearly 300 attendees from 9 countries participated in this meeting. The team members of Reproductive Immunology from the Institute of Reproductive Health, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology attended the virtual meeting.

The meeting brought together basic scientists, clinician-scientists and healthcare providers who work together to translate scientific discoveries into improved patient care. The scientific program put together an exciting schedule of events, including plenary and break-out sessions led by leading national and international experts in the fields of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Immunology, Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Genetics, and Developmental Biology.

Total 12 proposals for the sessions were competitively raised and finally selected by the Executive Committee of ASRI. Among them, the proposal submitted by Professor LIAO Aihua was adopted. She held the session 2 as the chair with the co-chair Professor Joanne Kwak-Kim (the president of International Society for Reproductive Immunology). The topic of the session 2 is “Immunity and its checkpoint molecules in pregnancy related complications including recurrent pregnancy loss”. This session attracted a large number of international peers and had a hot discussion in the Q & A session in the conference live room.

In this meeting, Dr. LIU Chunyan from our institute made an oral presentation entitled “Obesity causes abrupt changes in the testis microbiota and sperm motility of zebra fish” in the session 10: “Immunology and Pathology of the Testis: Their Roles in Male Infertility”. The report revealed the relationship between the fertility decline of obese male zebrafish and the changes of testicular microorganisms, and aroused the interest of international peers on the application of zebrafish as a model in male reproductive immunology research.


In addition, Professor ZHANG Huiping, Professor HUANG Donghui, Associate Professor ZHAO Kai and several students of our team presented their latest achievements in the poster display hall.

The chair of this meeting is Professor Gil Mor from Wayne State University, and Professor Surendra Sharma from Brown University and Professor Charles Wira from Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth serve as the co-chairs. Professor Gil Mor and Professor Surendra Sharma are good friends of our institute, and act as the main partners of the International Joint Research Platform on Reproduction Health and the ‘HUST Key Partnership Initiative’ of the Institute of Reproductive Health - Brown University, respectively. The in-depth participation in this meeting not only expands the international influence of our team, but also promotes the smooth development of international exchange projects such as ‘HUST Key Partnership Initiative’ program. (Reporter: LIU Chunyan)

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