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International Seminar Medical Specialty Successfully Held

Author: Source: Date:December 9, 2021 Cilk Times:[]

On December 8, 2021 HUST-Duke Research and Academic International Collaboration Online Seminar was successfully held in PBL Teaching Building of Tongji Medical College. More than 80 teachers, clinicians, administrators and graduates from Tongji Medical College and affiliated hospitals participated in the seminar.

Prof. Walter T Lee, Professor and Chief of Staff in the Departments of Head and Neck Surgery & Communications Sciences and Radiation Oncology of Duke University, made a presentation titled International Collaboration Path and Case Sharing in Medical Research. He pointed out 3 key principles in cooperation and exchanges, namely People, Purpose and Profit of which he explained the meaning and connection in between. Meanwhile, combined with his own experience from the Resourc Exchange International Vietnam Program, he brought a wonderful online lecture, and gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the participants.

Through this study, our staff and students have further enhanced their international vision and opened up new ideas on how to carry out international cooperation in the field of medical research.

It is reported that the seminar is mainly designed for teachers, researchers, relevant administrators and graduates, which were lectured by the world's first-class professors from Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

HUST set up venues in the main campus and Tongji Medical College, where 7 courses were taught in the form of online and off-line combination, focusing on the methods and paths of international scientific research and academic cooperation, and taking disciplines like humanities and social sciences, medicine, engineering and management as examples, to teach the experience of cooperation as well as the transformation of scientific research achievements.

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