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Virtual Webinar on ”Nurse-led Chronic Illness Management in the Community” Successfully Held

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On February 26th,HUST-NUS “Nurse-led Chronic Illness Management in the Community” Online webinar was successfully held. More than 2600 people logged in for the live presentation. The webinar was sponsored by the Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies (ALCNS), Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine of National University of Singapore and jointly organized by the School of Nursing, Tongji Medical College of HUST.

Associate Professor Wang Wenru from ALCNS shared insights regarding the "Patient-centered" integrated medical care and overview of chronic disease management in Singapore. She pointed out that the aging population and the status quo of chronic diseases have placed great demands on chronic and long-term care. Nurses are expected to provide patient-centered care in stages by integrating services and processes.

Associate Professor Li Jie from School of Nursing, TMC of HUST discussed the relationship between "Multidimensional Frailty" and "Quality of Life and Disability" among the elderly as well as analyzed the prevalence of multidimensional frailty along with the influencing factors in different countries. She suggested that community health workers should pay higher attention to the causes of multidimensional frailty and adopt targeted interventions to mitigate its impact on the quality of older adults’ life and improve their health.

Associate Professor Zhu Shuzhen from Hubei University of Medicine explained the “5+1” Staged Diabetes Management and demonstrated an insulin calculator application based on MHealth which was designed by her research team. The application enables personalized adjustment of insulin doses to help diabetic patients achieve self-management while avoiding the risks arising from dose deviations.

Assistant Professor Wu Xi Vivien from ALCNS presented her ongoing research project “Singapore Community E-health Program” and illustrated a cell phone application that provides health education and health monitoring services for the elderly designed by her research team with pictures. She emphasized the use of electronic technology to provide services for community seniors with chronic diseases to help them improve their disease management skills.

In question-and-answer session, three presenters answered questions on the development of the senior care industry and the future development trend of community care respectively.

With an aging population, chronic diseases have become one of the major public health issues. This webinar focused on nurse-led interventions to effectively enhance the life quality of chronic patients in the community, providing new insights for nurses and researchers.

(written by Fang Jialin )

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