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The Latest Researchings in the Field of Urology by Prof. LI Bing's Academic Team

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On 23 May, Prof. Li Bing, a doctor from the Union Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College, and his team published an article in European Urology (IF: 20.096 ), entitled Lingual Mucosal Graft Ureteroplasty for Long Proximal Ureteral Stricture: 6 years of experiences with 41 cases.


Ureteral stricture disease is caused by congenital dysplasia, iatrogenic injury, stone incarceration lithotripsy and tumor radiotherapy, resulting in ureteral lumen stenosis or atresia, resulting in different degrees of hydronephrosis and impaired renal function. Endoscopic ureterotomy or end-to-end ureteral anastomosis can be used to treat the cases with short ureteral stricture. For the treatment of long ureteral stricture or complex cases of multiple strictures, the traditional treatment methods can only perform intestinal ureteral replacement or autologous kidney transplantation, which has the shortcomings of large surgical trauma and more complications. Eventually, most patients have to accept long-term indwelling drainage tube, or nephrostomy with urine bag continuous drainage of urine, these palliative treatment methods can appear stubborn urinary tract infection, stone formation, hematuria, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients.


Prof. Li Bing's team actively innovate new practices and apply new technology in clinical diagnosis and treatment. By laparoscopic or robot-assisted laparoscopic technology, many difficult minimally invasive operations have been carried out to achieve the surgery effects while minimizing the trauma of patients and improving the quality of life of patients.


Meanwhile, Prof. LI Bing, in conjunction with the wisdom and strength of many domestic scholars, holds regular training courses on upper urinary tract repair surgery annually to promote the concept of upper urinary tract surgery and train talents nationwide. It’s quite optimistic that in the near future, more innovative technologies and methods from China will contribute to the world and benefit more patients internationally.

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