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The Eighth Lecture of The International Salon of Stomatological Research Was Successfully Held

Author: Source: Date:June 13, 2022 Cilk Times:[]

On June 8, 2022, The International Salon of Stomatological Research by School of Stomatology of HUST were successfully held. The lecture was organized by Dr. Wang Man, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the School of Stomatology and expert in dental implant prosthodontics, hosted by Dr. Qin Xu, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, and delivered by Prof.Ahmed Abdelrazik Elmarakby, Department of Oral Biology, Augusta University, USA. The total number of online participants was nearly 100.

Professor Ahmed Abdelrazik Elmarakby is Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the Department of Oral Biology at Augusta University and a Board Certified Pharmacist in the United States. He has long been engaged in the teaching of pharmacology, vascular physiology, microbiology, developmental biology and biochemistry for stomatological students and postgraduates.

In this lecture, Professor Elmarakby introduced his latest research progress in oral biology, and gave an in-depth description of the role of T cells in sex differences in elevated blood pressure and fat tissue expansion.

Follow-up lectures can be obtained at any time by browsing the official website of the College of Stomatology and the Wechat Public Number of Central China Stomatology.

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