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Prof. HUANG Bo’s Team Reveals Glycogen Metabolism Regulates Early Response of Memory T Cells

Author: Source: Date:June 24, 2022 Cilk Times:[]

On 22 June, Prof. HUANG Bo from the School of Basic Medicine of our college published an online report in the Journal of Molecular Cell entitled TCR activation directly stimulates PYGB-dependent glycogenolysis to fuel the early recall response in CD8+ memory T cells. This study reveals the important role of glycogen metabolism in the early response of memory T cells.


Memory T cells (Tm) are essential for the protection of higher organisms from reinfection by pathogen

The study confirmed that CD8 + Tm cells can mobilize glycogenolysis to promote the early rapid response to secondary responses by its unique metabolic mode and the rapid activation of PYGB. This glycogen metabolism not only provides energy, but also contributes to redox homeostasis, ensuring a high-quality response of CD8 + Tm cells. These findings have important implications for improving vaccine efficacy by regulating glycogen metabolism in the early response of CD8 + Tm cells to secondary responses.

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