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New Achievements in the Field of Germ Cell Development by Prof. YUAN Shuiqiao’s Team

Author: Source: Date:June 24, 2022 Cilk Times:[]

On 23 June, Prof. YUAN Shuiqiao from the Institute of Reproductive Health of our College published an online report entitled hnRNPH1 recruits PTBP2 and SRSF3 to module alternative splicing in germ cells in Nature Communications magazine.


This paper first reveals the important role of RNA-binding protein hnRNPH1 in the development of mouse germ cells (including male and female germ cells), and finds that hnRNPH1 regulates alternative splicing of target genes related to germ cell development by recruiting splicing factors PTBP2 and SRSF3. O as to maintain the normal development and function of spermatogenic cells and oocytes.



This research achievement is another important breakthrough made by Prof. YUAN Shuiqiao's research team in the field of spermatogenesis and male infertility regulation.

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