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The 12th International Salon of Stomatological Research

Author: Source: Date:October 28, 2022 Cilk Times:[]

On October 26, 2022, The International Salon of Stomatological Research by the School of Stomatology of HUST was successfully held. The lecture was organized byDr. WANG Man, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the School of Stomatology and expert in prosthodontics, hosted byDr. LIU Qian, an expert in periodontics, and delivered byProf. Ing. Jeroen JJP van den Beucken,School of Dentistry, Nijmegen University of Netherlands. The online participants reached 160.

As the principal investigator of RIMLS and an associate professor at Radboudumc University,Dr. Ing. Jeroen JJP van den Beuckenfocuses on the study of biological bone materials. Currently, His H-index is 48 and has published 283 SCI papers with a total of 7,789 impact factors. He has received ZonMW, Life Sciences & Health Transition Funding, and many other funds and awards.

Prof. Ing. Jeroen JJP van den Beuckendelivered a lecture entitled Evaluating bone formation in health and disease, through which he introduced the latest research progress of bone regeneration, and made a simple description of the correlation between dental material science and bone defection diseases.

The interdisciplinary lecture attracted more than 160 teachers and students from the School of Stomatology of HUST and all over the country. The content was novel and colorful. After the lecture, the participants asked questions enthusiastically and had a heated and in-depth academic discussion.

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