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HUST-UTS Academic Lecture Held in School of Medicine and Health Management,Tongji Medical College

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27th October 2022,the HUST-UTS Academic Lecture has been successfully held by the joint efforts of School Medicine and Health Management(HUST) and Faculty of Health(UTS).

Figure 1. Poster of the HUST-UTS Academic Lecture

Professor Lawrence Lam from Faculty of Health, University of Technology has delivered the speech titled TheWPMHL Trial - Enhancing Mental Health Literacy and Mental Well-being in the Workplace through Digital Health: An example of Digital Intervention Program Evaluationvia ZOOM Meeting. Associate Professor Wei Zhang (HUST) has moderated the lecture, and it attracted over 50 participants online.

During the lecture, Prof. Lawrence has talked about the fundamentals in health intervention design, implementation and evaluation firstly, and then explained them in details with his team’s digital health intervention program in China’s Hong Kong. In the Q & A section, the participants has further exchange ideas on choice of scales, policy transfer and emerging digital health intervention with Prof. Lawrence.

Figure 2. Professor Lawrence gave a lecture on the evaluation of digital health intervention projects

Dr. Wei Zhang has summarized that the discussion on innovative health intervention with emerging digital technologies is of critical significance in achieving healthy China goals. This lecture is conductive for the understanding of digital health intervention program, and benefit to the development of disciplines, including health informatics, library and information science and health policy.

Figure 3. Discussion and exchange between teachers and students

This lecture has enlightened the participants with health intervention via novel digital technologies, and laid solid foundations for fruitful outcome between HUST and UTS.

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