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Tongji Medical College 2024 Fun Sports Meeting for Teachers and Students Successfully Held

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On the morning of May 25th, the 2024 Fun Sports Meeting for Teachers and Students of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) was held at the medical college's sports field. Over 1,000 teachers, students, and staff from various schools, departments, and affiliated hospitals, as well as alumni from the Tongji Wuhan Alumni Association, formed 27 teams to participate in the competition.

At 8 am, the opening ceremony took place at Sports Field. The opening ceremony was attended by leaders and representatives from the Labour Union, Youth League Association, School of Physical Education Tongji Medical College of HUST as well as Tongji Wuhan Alumni Association. Mr. QIN Xuanbin, Vice Chair of Tongji Medical College delivered the opening speech, and Mr. MA Jianhui, Vice Chair of HUST and Chair of Tongji Medical College of HUST declared the official start of the sports meeting.


The fun sports meeting featured seven sporting events, including "Heart to Heart", "Sack Target Hitting", "Kangaroo Relay" and "Team Roping" etc., Athletes braved the heat and participated in the competitions with full spirit. Team members fully demonstrated the spirit of unity and cooperation, chasing dreams and shining on the field.

The fun sports meeting also invited more than 60 alumni from the Tongji Wuhan Alumni Association to form a joint team to participate. The alumni competed with teachers and students on the same field, with laughter and joy filling the air, not only bringing the alumni closer to their alma mater but also showing the united, upward, and enterprising spirit of the Tongji community.

After more than two hours of fierce competition, the teams Graduate Team from Tongji Hospital, Second Clinical Scholl, Department of Forensic Medicine, School of Pharmacy, Basic Medical College, Graduate Team from Union Hospital, School of Nursing, and School of Public Health were awarded the top eight places in the student group. The Teams Logistics Support Center, School of Medical and Health Management, Union Hospital, Administration of Tongji Medical College, Liyuan Hospital, Tongji Hospital, Basic Medical College, and School of Pharmacy were awarded the top eight places in the faculty group. The Tongji Wuhan Alumni Association team received the "Special Award for TongZhouGongJi ".

The participants expressed that the events of the fun sports meeting were rich and interesting. The students fought bravely and united during the competition, showing the most excellent demeanor and spirit of Tongji students. In the next step of learning and work, they will gather the passion ignited during the sports meeting into a winning determination to inspire Tongji people to forge ahead, and write a splendid chapter in building a world-class university and medical college with Chinese characteristics with vitality and passion!

The fun sports meeting was hosted by the Sports Committee of HUST, organized by Tongji Medical College, the Physical Education College, and the Labor Union of HUST.

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