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Latest Research by Prof. PAN An of the School of Public Health Published in BMJ

Author: Source: Date:May 8, 2021 Cilk Times:[]

On April 14,theworld-renowned Journal BMJ(IF=30.223)published latest research of Prof. PAN AN of the School of Public Health titedAssociations of healthy lifestyle and socioeconomic status with mortality and incident cardiovascular disease: two prospective cohort studies”.

The research shows that unhealthy lifestyles mediated a small proportion of the socioeconomic inequity in health in both US and UK adults; therefore, healthy lifestyle promotion alone might not substantially reduce the socioeconomic inequity in health, and other measures tackling social determinants of health are warranted. Nevertheless, healthy lifestyles were associated with lower mortality and CVD risk in different SES subgroups, supporting an important role of healthy lifestyles in reducing disease burden.

Paper linkage: http://bmj.com/cgi/content/full/bmj.n604

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