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Position: Professor of School of Pharmacy, Tongji Medical College, Huzhong University of Science and Technology

Phone: 13647228297


Academic Areas: RNA Chemical Biology

General Introduction

Academic Degrees

2005-2011 Ph.D. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry

2001-2005 B.S. Jilin University

Professional Experiences

2017-Present Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2015-2016 Simmons Foundation Fellow

2014-2015 Postdoctoral Research Associate, State University of New York

2011-2014 Postdoctoral II, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Selected Publications

10. H. Liu, Rui Wang, X. Yu, F. Shen, W. Lan, P. Haruehanroengra, Q. Yao, J. Zhang, Y. Chen, S. Li, B. Wu, L. Zheng, J. Ma, J. Lin, C. Cao, J. Li, J. Sheng*, J. Gan*, High-resolution DNA Quadruplex Structure Containing all the A-, G-, C-, T-tetrads. Nucleic Acids Res., 2018, 46(21), 11627-11638.

9. Hehua Liu, Xiang Yu, Yiqing Chen, Jing Zhang, Baixing Wu, Lina Zheng, Phensinee Haruehanroengra, Rui Wang, Suhua Li, Jinzhong Lin, Jixi Li, Jia Sheng, Zhen Huang*, Jinbiao Ma*, Jianhua Gan*, Crystal Structure of an RNA-cleaving DNAzyme, Nature Commun., 2017, 8(1), 2006.

8. P. Haruehanroengra, S. Vangaveti, S. V. Ranganathan, Rui Wang, A. Chen, J. Sheng* Nature's Selection of Geranyl Group as a tRNA Modification: the Effects of Chain Length on Base-pairing Specificity. ACS Chem. Bio., 2017, 12(6), 1504-1513.

7. V. A. Valsankar, A. R. Chandrasekaran, Rui Wang, P. Haruehanroengra, O. Levchenko, K. Halvorsen*, J. Sheng*, Click-based Functionalization of a 2'-O-propargyl-modified Branched DNA Nanostructure, J. of Materials Chem. B, 2017, 5, 2074-2077.

6. F. Shen, Z. Luo, Rui Wang, H. Liu, S. Zhang, J. Gan*, J. Sheng*, Structural Insights into RNA Duplexes with Multiple 2'-5'-Linkages, Nucleic Acids Res., 2017, 45(6), 3537-3546.

5. M. Basanta-Sanchez, Rui Wang, Z. Liu, X. Ye, M. Li, X. Shi, P. Agris, Y. Zhou, Y. Huang*, J. Sheng*. TET1-mediated Oxidation of 5-Formylcytosine (5fC) to 5-Carboxycytosine (5caC) in RNA. ChemBioChem. 2017, 18, 72-76.

4. Rui Wang, and Jia Sheng* Synthesis, Base Pairing and Structure Studies of Geranylated RNA, Nucleic Acids Res., 2016, 44(13), 6036-6045.

3. Rui Wang, and Jia Sheng* Synthesis and Base-Paring Studies of Epigenetic 5-Formyl Cytidine, Nucleic Acids Res., 2016, 44(10), 4968-4977.

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1. Rui Wang, Srivathsan V. Ranganathan, Alan Chen and Jia Sheng* Synthesis and Base Pairing Studies of Geranylated 2-thiothymidine, a natural Variant of Thymidine Chem. Commun., 2015, 51, 16369-16372.

Awards and Honors

Simons Foundation Award, 2015-2016

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