XIONG Chaomei

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Associate Professor

Phone: 027-83692745

Email: cmxiong2002@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas:Pharmaceutical Analysis

Research Interests:Sample preparation for complex samples; in-vitro analysis of drug substance; quality control of drugs

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2007, Wuhan University, China;

B.S. in Applied Chemistry, 1999, Wuhan University, China.

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2012-present); School of Pharmacy, HUST

Lecture (2009-2012); School of Pharmacy, HUST

Postdoctor (2007-2009); School of Pharmacy, HUST

Visiting Scholar (2011-2012); University of Waterloo, Canada

Selected Publications

  1. D Li, J Zou, PS Cai, CM Xiong*, JL Ruan.      Preparation of magnetic ODS-PAN thin-films for microextraction of      quetiapine and clozapine in plasma and urine samples followed by HPLC-UV      detection. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2016, 125:      319-328.

  2. PS Cai, D Li, J Chen, CM Xiong*, JL Ruan.      Comparison of two thin-film microextractions for the analysis of estrogens      in aqueous tea extract and environmental water samples by high performance      liquid chromatography-ultraviolet detection. Food Chemistry, 2015, 173:      1158-1166.

  3. TH Yang, PS Cai, D Li, J Chen, CM Xiong*,      JL Ruan, LY Wang. γ-MPS-modified silica conical microcolumn      separation/preconcentration of trace antipsychotic drugs in rat plasma and      environmental water samples prior to their determination by LC.      Chromatographia, 2014, 77:1623-1632.

  4. PS Cai, Y Zhao, TH Yang, J Chen, CM      Xiong*, JL Ruan. Preparation of magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers      for selective isolation and determination of kaempferol and protoapigenone      in Macrothelypteris torresiana. Journal of Huazhong      University of Science and Technology-Medical Sciences, 2014, 34(6):845-855.

  5. PP Xue, Y Zhao, Y Liu, QY Yuan, CM Xiong,      JL Ruan*. A novel compound RY10-4 induces apoptosis and inhibits invasion      via Cross inhibiting STAT3 through ERK-, p38-dependent pathways in human      lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells. Chemico- Biological Interactions, 2014,      209:25-34.

  6. PP Xue, XF Yang, Y Liu, CM Xiong, JL      Ruan*. A novel compound RY10-4 downregulates P-glycoprotein expression and      reverses multidrugresistant phenotype in human breast cancer MCF-7/ADR      cells. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2014, 68:1049-1056.

  7. J Chen, HM Li, XN Zhang, CM Xiong, JL      Ruan*. Dioscin-induced apoptosis of human LNCaP prostate carcinoma cells      through activation of caspase-3 and modulation of Bcl-2 protein family.      Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology-Medical Sciences,      2014, 34: 125-130.

  8. X Yang, LL Yuan, JL Chen, CM Xiong, JL      Ruan*. Multitargeted protective effect of Abacopteris penangiana against      carrageenan-induced chronic prostatitis in rats. Journal of      Ethnopharmacology, 2014, 151: 343-351.

  9. X Yang, LL Yuan, CM Xiong, JL Ruan*.      Abacopteris penangiana exerts testosterone-induced benign prostatic      hyperplasia protective effect through regulating inflammatory responses,      reducing oxidative stress and anti-proliferative. Journal of      Ethnopharmacology, 2014, 157: 105-113.

  10. HM Li, J Chen, CM Xiong, H Wei, CC Yin, JL      Ruan*. Apoptosis induction by the total flavonoids from arachniodes exilis      in HepG2 cells through reactive oxygen species-mediated mitochondrial      dysfunction involving MAPK activation. Evidence-Based Complementary and      Alternative Medicine, 2014, open access.

  11. H Wei, GH Wu, JL Chen, XN Zhang, CM Xiong,      YF Lei, W Chen, JL Ruan*. (2S)-5, 2', 5'-Trihydroxy-7-Methoxyflavanone, a      natural product from abacopteris penangiana, presents neuroprotective      effects in vitro and in vivo. Neurochemical Research, 2013, 38(8),      1686-1694.

  12. AX Yang, XX Wang, CM Xiong, J Chen, JL      Ruan*. Quality control of tuirejieduling granules using high-performance      liquid chromatography fingerprint method and simultaneous determination of      four main active ingredients. Pharmacognosy Magazine, 2013, 9(34):      162-166.

  13. J Chen, CM Xiong, SS Song, P Han, JL      Ruan*. Fraction of macroporous resin from smilax china L. inhibits      testosterone propionate-induced prostatic hyperplasia in castrated rats.      Journal of Medicinal Food, 2012, 15(7): 646-650.

  14. QY Yuan, SX Cai, XN      Zhang, ZW Liu, ZM Li, XL Luo, CM Xiong, JP Wang, JB Hu, JL Ruan*. A new      protoapigenone analog RY10-4 induces apoptosis and suppresses invasion      through the PI3K/Akt pathway in human breast cancer. Cancer Letters (New      York, NY, United States), 2012, 324(2): 210-220.

  15. AW Wei, DN Zhou, JL Ruan*, YL Cai, CM      Xiong, GH Wu. Anti-tumor and anti-angiogenic effects of Macrothelypteris      viridifrons and its constituents by HPLC-DAD/MS analysis.      Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2012, 139(2): 373-380.

  16. AH Wei, DN Zhou, Jinlan Ruan*, YL Cai, CM      Xiong, MX Li. Characterisation of phenols and antioxidant and      hypolipidaemic activities of Lethariella cladonioides. Journal of the      Science of Food and Agriculture, 2012, 92 (2): 373-379.

  17. HB Liu, CY Jiang, CM Xiong, JL Ruan*.      DEDC, a new flavonoid induces apoptosis via a ROS-dependent mechanism in      human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells. Toxicology In Vitro, 2012, 26(1):      16-23.

  18. GH Wu, YL Cai, H Wei, AH Wei, CM Xiong, W      Fu, JL Ruan*. Nephroprotective activity of Macrothelypteris      oligophlebia rhizomes ethanol extract. Pharmaceutical biology,      2012, 50(6): 773-777.

  19. JL Chen, YF Lei, GH Wu, YH Zhang, W Fu, CM      Xiong, JL Ruan*. Renoprotective potential of Macrothelypteris      torresiana via ameliorating oxidative stress and      proinflammatory cytokines. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2012, 139(1):      207-213.

  20. ZW Liu, QY Yuan, XN Zhang, CM Xiong, PP      Xue, JL Ruan*. RY10-4, a novel anti-tumor compound, exhibited its      anti-angiogenesis activity by down-regulation of the HIF-1α and inhibition      phosphorylation of AKT and mTOR. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, 2012,      69(6): 1633-1640.

  21. J Chen, CM Xiong*, JL Ruan, Z Su.      Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction combined with high-performance      liquid chromatography for the determination of clozapine and      chlorpromazine in urine. Journal of Huazhong University of Science and      Technology-Medical Sciences, 2011, 31(2):277-284.

  22. HB Liu, YL Xiao, CM Xiong, AH Wei, JL      Ruan*. Apoptosis induced by a new flavonoid in human hepatoma HepG2 cells      involves reactive oxygen species-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction and      MAPK activation. European Journal of Pharmacology, 2011, 654(3): 209-216.

  23. YF Lei, W Fu, JL Chen, CM Xiong, GH Wu, H      Wei, JLRuan*. Neuroprotective effects of Abacopterin E from      Abacopteris penangiana against oxidative stress-induced neurotoxicity.Journal of      Ethnopharmacology, 2011, 134(2): 275-280.

  24. YF Lei, JL Chen, YL Cai, CM Xiong, JL      Ruan*. Hypolipidemic potential of Lepidogrammitis drymoglossoides in      high-fat diet fed mice. International Journal of Cardiology, 2011, 147(2):      323-325.

  25. JL Chen, YF Lei, YJ Liu, CM Xiong, W Fu,      JL Ruan*, Extract of Cyclosorus acuminatusattenuates diabetic nephropathy      in miceviamodifying peroxisome proliferators activated receptor signalling      pathway. Food Chemistry, 2011, 128(3): 659-666.

  26. AH      WeiDN      ZhouJL      Ruan*YL      CaiCM      Xiong. Study on the contents of aristololactams in Piper wallichii and their renal      cytotoxicities. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, 2011, 19 (3): 349-354.

  27. AH      WeiDN      ZhouCM      XiongYL      CaiJL      Ruan*. A novel non-aromatic B-ring flavonoid: Isolation, structure      elucidation and its induction of apoptosis in human colon HT-29 tumor cell      via the reactive oxygen species-mitochondrial dysfunction and MAPK      activation. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2011, 49 (9): 2445-2452.

  28. QY Yuan, ZW Liu, CM Xiong, Liqian Wu, JP      Wang, JL Ruan*. A novel, broad-spectrum antitumor compound containing the      1-hydroxycyclohexa-2,5-dien-4-one group: the disclosure of a new antitumor      pharmacophore in protoapigenone 1. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry      Letters 2011, 21 (11): 3427-3430.

  29. Y Tang, CM Xiong, DN Zhou, AH Wei, W Fu,      YL Cai, JL Ruan*. A new flavonoid from Macrothelypteris torresiana.      Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 2010, 46(2): 209-211.

  30. XH Huang, PC Xiong, CM Xiong, YL Cai, AH      Wei, JP Wang, XF Liang, JL Ruan*. In vitro and in vivo antitumor activity      of Macrothelypteris torresiana and its acute/subacute      oral toxicity. Phytomedicine, 2010, 17(12): 930-934.

  31. W Fu, YF Lei, JL Chen, CM Xiong, DN Zhou,      GH Wu, J Chen, YL Cai, JL Ruan*. Parathelypteriside attenuates cognition      deficits in D-galactose treated miceby increasing antioxidant capacity and      improving long-term potentiation. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory,      2010, 94(3): 414-421.

  32. CM Xiong, YC Qin, B Hu*. On-line      separation/preconcentration of V(IV)/V(V) in environmental water samples      with CTAB-modified alkyl silica microcolumn and their determination by      inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry. Journal of      Hazardous Materials, 2010, 178(1-3): 164-170.

  33. CM Xiong, B Hu*. Headspace trapping of the      hydrides on a Pd (II)-coated graphite adsorptive bar as a microextraction      method for ETV-ICP-MS determination of Se, Te and Bi in seawater and human      hair samples. Talanta, 2010, 81(1-2): 578-585.

  34. DN Zhou, JL Ruan*, YL Cai, CM Xiong, W Fu,      AH Wei. Antioxidant and hepatoprotective activity of ethanol extract      Arachniodes exilis (Hance) Ching. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2010,      129(2): 232-237.

  35. CM Xiong, JL Ruan*, YL Cai, Y Tang.      Extraction and determination of some psychotropic drugs in urine samples      using dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction followed by      high-performance liquid chromatography. Journal of Pharmaceutical and      Biomedical Analysis, 2009, 49(2): 572-578.

  36. CM Xiong, JL Ruan*, Y Tang, YL Cai, W      Fang, Y Zhu, DN Zhou. Chromatographic fingerprint analysis of Macrothelypteris      torresiana and simultaneous determination of several main      constituents by LC. Chromatographia, 2009, 70: 117-124.

  37. CM Xiong, M He, B Hu*. Microcolumn      separation/preconcentration combined with fluorinating electrothermal      vaporization inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for      determination of trace refractory elements in seawater, soil and sediment.      Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 2009, 33(3): 385-396.

  38. CM Xiong, M He, B Hu*. On-line separation      and preconcentration of inorganic arsenic and selenium species in natural      water samples with CTAB-modified alkyl silica microcolumn and      determination by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry.      Talanta, 2008, 76(4): 772-779.

  39. CM Xiong, B Hu*, ZC Jiang. Synergic      solvent extraction of rare earth elements using mixed ligand complexes of      hexafluoroacetylacetone and tri-n-butylphosphate and their determination      in environmental waters by low temperature ETV-ICP-MS. Atomic      Spectroscopy, 2008, 29(1): 6-15.

  40. CM Xiong, B Hu*. Online YPA4 resin      microcolumn separation/ preconcentration coupled with inductively coupled      plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) for the speciation analysis      of mercury in seafood. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2007,      55(25): 10129-10134.

  41. CM Xiong, ZC Jiang, B Hu*. Speciation of      dissolved Fe(II) and Fe(III) in environmental water samples by      micro-column packed withN-benzoyl-N-phenylhydroxylamine      loaded on microcrystalline naphthalene and determination by electrothermal      vaporization inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry.      Analytica Chimica Acta, 2006, 559(1): 113-119.

  42. YW Wu, ZC Jiang, B Hu*, CM Xiong, YJ Li.      In-situ separation and determination of palladium from platinum based on      different vaporization temperatures by electrothermal vaporization      inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry with YPA4 resin      acting both as adsorption material and chemical modifier. Microchimica Acta,      2004, 148(3-4): 279-284.

Courses Taught

514.506: Modern Technologies in Pharmaceutical Analysis

514.500: Separation Science

514.513: Quality Control of Drug Products

700636: Analytical Chemistry

1002341: Pharmaceutical Analysis

1003601: New Drug Research and Development


1. Study on separating and screening antitumor active ingredients in the plants of Macrothelypteris by using magnetic high-density surface molecular imprinted microspheres (the Science Fund of NSFC for Young 21105032, 2012-2014)

2. Study on separation of antitumor active ingredients in the plants of Macrothelypteris based on magnetic surface molecular imprinted technique (the Doctoral Program Fund of Ministry of Education for New Teacher 20110142120031, 2012-2014)

3. Specific analysis of endocrine disrupting chemicals in environmental, food and biological samples by using magnetic surface molecular imprinted microspheres (the Special Fund of Central Universities Fundamental Research Funds 2013QN004, 2013-2014)

4. Analysis of EDCs in complex samples based on restricted-access magnetic materials (the Special Fund of Central Universities Fundamental Research Funds 2015QN159, 2015-2016)

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